Gigi: The Maid Otter
Full Name Gigi
Gender Female
Location Game Town
Current Status Alive
Class Owner of The Game Town Cafe
Main Weapon(s) The Foodamatic 2000 Machine
The Clubhouse Pets
First Appearance Clubhouse Games
Gigi is a character that appeared in the Clubhouse Games series.


Gigi is known to be an owner of the Cafe in Game Town. Before she was in Clubhouse Games, She used to be a maid for hotels in Game Town and The Mushroom Kingdom. While cleaning Room 24, She smells some muffins and quited her job (Still wearing her maid outfit) and ate some muffins. She then got a job as an owner of the Cafe.

Clubhouse GamesEdit

She is the host of Old Maid. Doing the game, She brushes her maid dress or eats a cupcake.


Her room is like a cafe with the Foodamatic 2000 Machine. Her room number is 1-1.


These are Gigi's relationships as listed here.


In some episodes, Gigi gets kissed by Pounder when she feels sad or angry.



She looks like an otter with a maids dress, a maids hat, and has whiskers.