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Do not edit my pages and this page unless you have been given permission from me only okay so do not think about it. Previous from Super Smash Bros. World Dominations.

Giga Bowser
Giga bowser brawl Dark Bowser transformation

|- style="vertical-align: top" |Gender |Male |- style="background: white; vertical-align: top" |Species / Type |Darkness |- style="background: white; vertical-align: top" |Class |Heavy |- style="vertical-align: top" |Main Weapon(s) |Convexity Bombs, Ice Bombs, Dark Breath and Dark Cyclones |- style="background: white; vertical-align: top" |First Appearance |Super Smash Bros. Brawl |} A Dark matter transformation from a dark curse that Tabuu and Kuraz has put on and disturb him in an evil spell he can not control. It is almost impossible but if Tabuu is defeated he will turn out of the transformation.

Character Description[1]Edit[1]Edit

Giga Bowser is a dark lizard that originally comes from Bowser. He is mainly dark matter that will create enemies and allies. His scales make him invinsible but he will take damage in that cause. He can not be sent flying if 999 or less it is to heavy for heavy attacks. Other special moves created by others do not do much acording to everything, he is a special move for Bowser if uses the smash ball.


His attributes are darkness and convexity that is purple power beams that go every where that is caused a new move to Giga Bowser it afficially comes from Spyro and all of his adventures that comes to the new game Super Smash Bros. World Dominations. He is all dark and never pure bright and helps all of the darkness, primids and other dark creatures including Tabuu.


As a cosmic darkness he is extremely heavy and contains the powers of convexity and darkness bombs that he creates using the dark spikes on its back that will generate alot of power that will contain with cold and a frosty explosion(s). He also has the ability to start a vortex rotating in a full power spiral that has one of the strongest moves in the game following that his breathes ice, convexity and darkness that all will freeze you or paralyze that sends you a hole load of damage that causes you moving slightly depends on how much damage is done to you

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