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Gideon the Moose
Gideon the Moose
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Full Name Gideon the Moose
Current Age 22
Date of Birth October 24, 1990
Zodiac Sign Scorpio
Gender Male
Location Unknown
Current Status Alive
Class Anti-Hero, Neutral
Family and Relations
Unnamed parents - deceased
Main Weapon(s) Various firearms, various types of grenades, combat knife
Ability/ies Firearms expertise, super strength, advanced combat, Cryomancy, Spectramancy, Geomancy, HellFyre Magick
Vulnerable To Light
The Walking Artillery Shop
Voice Actor(s)
Roy Khan
First Appearance Fallen
Latest Appearance

Gideon the Moose is the main character of the video game Fallen.

Physical DescriptionEdit

Gideon has very dark brown fur, with long black hair, and, unbefitting of his species, bright, yellow-green eyes. He also has a cross-shaped scar on his chest.

Gideon wears a dark blue overcoat w/ red and black trim, black fingerless gloves, baggy black jeans, and dark blue/black boots. He also has silver and gold-colored shoulder armor, some earrings, a belt looping around his chest and shoulders, and a choker collar. He also carries a hammerspace satchel around with him; it contains all of his weapons.



When Gideon was very young, he got lost in a forest. While trying to find his way back home, he happened to come across an Overlander male. The Overlander asked the young Mobian moose what he was doing, and he told him that he was searching for his parents. So the Overlander offered to help Gideon find his parents, and brought him to his "home".

Ritual of BloodEdit

Naturally, Gideon was too naive and innocent at the time to realize the Overlander's true intentions. When they got to the building, the Overlander introduced himself as Viktor Phambeto. Phambeto said that he wanted to show Gideon something, so he led the young moose into a room. It was set up like a sort of chapel; not like we'd see in our churches, but one that was dedicated to blasphemous gods. Although Gideon was unsettled, he had no knowledge of religion, be it Satanic or otherwise. Other Overlanders in the room, dressed in black robes, dragged Gideon to a small stone table in the center of the room, and tied him onto it. Viktor walked over to Gideon, and said;

"Not to worry, child; we ARE helping you."

He slashed Gideon across the chest in a cross shape (the scar from that hasn't disappeared since), and scattered some of the poor Mobian's blood on the pentagram beneath the table. This blood ritual, once completed, endowed Gideon with demonic powers.

Gideon the Lab RatEdit

After that, Gideon spent 11 years (he was 6 when captured, and escaped at age 17) at the U.A.C.S.A base, where he was experimented upon, as Phambeto's scientists attempted to discover the limit of Gideon's new abilities. The Mobian moose was made to suffer constantly, his hatred, grief and agony fueling his powers.

Eventually, Gideon's mind snapped under all the emotional and mental duress. No longer an innocent and naive child, he was now a cold-hearted killer, and had become mentally unstable.

Rebellion and FriendshipEdit

When Gideon was 17, he eventually rebelled against Phambeto. He killed quite a few of the U.A.C.S.A members, and fled the area.

Not long after leaving the U.A.C.S.A, Gideon met a female moose by the name of Gretchen. They immediately became friends, Gideon being charmed by her sweet and gentle nature. She owned a small cabin in the woods, and invited Gideon to stay with her. He obliged, and now with a friend and a place to stay, the wandering moose felt like he was back home, and he was happy.

Ultimate LossEdit

During the monthly raid of the U.A.C.S.A headquarters, G.U.N was continually ambushed by U.A.C.S.A soldiers, forcing them to be on their guard at all times. Eventually, Gretchen unwittingly snuck up on the G.U.N soldiers, and they reacted quickly, killing her on accident. Realizing their mistake far too late, Gideon, who was looking for Gretchen, eventually found her body, with G.U.N soldiers standing over it. Consumed with fury and grief, he triggered his Fallen form for the first time, and slaughtered most of the soldiers, with only one managing to escape. After reverting back to normal, Gideon quickly fell unconscious, exhausted.

It took almost half a day for him to wake back up. Greeted by the sight of Gretchen's body still lying there, he took her back to the cabin and buried her in the garden, which was one of her favorite places to relax.




Base Stats
Spcl. Atk8
Spcl. Def8
Total 77/100
Other Stats

Being a moose, Gideon's huge horns are impressive and deadly weapons. He can easily throw a boulder with his horns. This is also helped by his great physical strength, particularly in his upper body.

Gideon is capable of using some forms of Mance. Most of his attacks are physical, with a few special attacks and status abilities.

After the blood ritual that gave him the scar on his chest, Gideon also acquired strange, demonic powers. These include;

  • Wings of Dark Flight - When he uses this, he moves at an insane speed, too fast to be seen with the naked eye, but he mainly uses it to get to hard-to-reach places (as it can literally propel him through the air), or to get somewhere quickly. He can only go to a maximum distance of 10 feet while using it.
  • Pitch-Black Puppet - With this, Gideon can create copies of himself; they are slightly translucent, but only those with very keen vision can tell. Another difference is that the copies, when no longer being used, turn pitch black, and either explode in a blast of Dark magic or turn into black vapor.
  • Dark Absorption - Gideon can absorb some Dark attacks and either heal himself, strengthen his own attacks, or reflect the attack.
  • Dark Shroud - Uses Dark energy to sink into the ground or walls, and travel through them. He can also make the ground and walls explode while he is in them, to attack his enemies. It also allows him to pass through objects like a ghost.


Gideon's impressive collection of firearms are all kept in hammerspace, in the form of a satchel he wears on his belt.

C96 Mauser (Red9)Edit

Firing Speed0.40
Reload Speed1.67

Heckler and Koch SL8 (Semi-Automatic Rifle)Edit

Firing Speed0.40
Reload Speed1.33

Springfield Armory X-treme Duty (Blacktail) (x2)Edit

Firing Speed0.27
Reload Speed0.83

Benelli M4 Super 90 (Riot Gun)Edit

Firing Speed1.53
Reload Speed1.50

Other WeaponsEdit

The I.R.L (which stands for "Infinite Rocket Launcher") is perhaps Gideon's most powerful weapon. As its name implies, it is a rocket launcher that can fire infinite rockets.

Gideon also uses various types of grenades. These include;

  • Hand Grenades (the basic type)
  • Incendiary Grenades (these explode in a powerful burst of flames)
  • Flash Grenades (also called Flashbangs, they release a blinding light upon impact)

And of course, Gideon also carries a combat knife with him.

Friends and FoesEdit


  • Gretchen the Moose -


  • Gretchen the Moose -



  • G.U.N -
  • U.A.C.S.A -


  • Gretchen the Moose -


Gideon is neither a hero nor a villain; he serves nobody, and likes to keep it that way. With time, however, he has drawn ever closer to the side of good. He displays the qualities of an assassin, a bounty hunter, and a mercenary, all rolled into one, but he practices none of these three professions.

Gideon despises Overlanders; he has gotten into many scuffles with G.U.N, the U.A.C.S.A, and the Kingdom of Soleanna. He believes that all Overlanders are wicked, and cruel towards Mobians.

Because of the blood ritual performed on him during his childhood, Gideon is not the most mentally stable person. Despite this, he is normally cool-headed; however, when angry, he becomes violent. Very strangely, the scar on his chest bleeds when he is extremely angry.



  • Overlanders

Biggest FearsEdit


"I may be a 'Walking Artillery Shop', but NONE of my guns are for sale."

"Like cattle to the abattoir..."


  • All of Gideon's firearms come from the Resident Evil franchise.