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Gideon Chaos is a 3D Platform-Adventure game Developed by PencilWare, Inc. and Publisher by Disney Interactive. It would have taken place after Gravity Falls; Gideon would have been kicked out of the Villains group for "fraternizing" with The Pines Family. He would then take revenge on the group.


The game would most likely start with Gideon going to the Villains group for a meeting. Upon arriving there, the villains would tell him that he can't be a member for teaming up with The Pines Family. They would then kick Gideon out and he would have to get his revenge on them. The game would introduce more new doctors, each with an N at the start of their names. The only ones known right now are: N. Tombed (a doctor that would be a huge Egyptian enemy), N. Tertain (a clown), and N. Tangled (a doctor that has possibly fused himself with plant DNA or studies plants and added a formula to them, giving them the ability to live on their own). More doctors were supposed to be made, but who they are and what they look like are unknown, even to the creators of the game.

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