Gibbers is a optional hamster partner in Paper Princess Peach. She is an optinal partner. Her parents are Woobers and Mitzy.


Gibbers is a young girl who dreams of being in an adventure. She is picked on by people at her school alot. She made a wish on Star Hill, wishing that a miracle could happen, and she would go on an adventure, and get out of the town. Peach came to this town to get a Crystal Heart. Gibbers didnt think that this girl was a savior- infact, Peach kept quiet about it. When Peach had defeated Vaati, Gibbers had given up hope to ever going on an adventure. She ran away from her home, and hid in Toad Town Sewers. Peach saw a trouble in the trouble center, saying to find a kid that is lost. Peach, helped them, and rescued Gibbers. Gibbers sais she was sorry to her family. However- the trouble was not over. In a twist of events, Gibbers mom and dad were actualy henchman of Vaati, and were waiting for the perfect time to strike. When everybody was unsespecting, Mitzy shot an energy beam from her paw at Peach, and Gibbers. the two of them flew out of the house, and went to Toad Town. Peach, after waking up, noticed the destruction of the town. Only her, her partners, and Gibbers were the remaining living things. Peach got up from the debris, and asked Gibbers if she was alright. Gibbers, painfully hurting, got up, and said no, and that she needed some medical attention. Peach picked up Gibbers, and took her to Toad Town- a destroyed place. Peach gasped when she saw. The toads were walkng around, awing the destruction. The hospital was still open, despite being burned down. Gibbers was fully heald after being to the doctor. Gibbers was happy with Peach for saving her- she joined Peach's team! Gibbers so called parents appeared however, and said that they would kill both of them for still being alive. Peach however, killed them both- along with the help of Gibbers. Bland Village, being destroyed, was no use to Peach now. However, Toad Town was fixed back up in a couple of days.


Paw Swipe

  • 0 FP
  • Initial
  • Attacks by swiping a paw.


  • 1 FP
  • Initial
  • Attacks by Gnawing the opponenet.

Wet Nose Kiss

  • 3 FP
  • Super Rank
  • Kisses Peach, restoring HP

Hamster Pellet

  • 4 FP
  • Ultra Rank
  • Throws Pellets at the opponent.


  • Gibbers is named after the hamster of the maker of the name- Gibby.
  • Gibbers was originally going to have a british accent, but, for unkown reasons, she was given an american one.

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