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Giant Cobra is an gigantic cobra species that resembles a giant cobra from Komodo vs. Cobra. It is only appears once is in EP 142:Giant Cobra's Rampage from Tiruma! Senlaki Genko! series, it is eat 3 peoples in that episode, and terrozing Tokyo city. He is bigger than a normal-sized cobra three times, he is finally died because he was cutting head by Daiken's machete that is let Rito Kuchira using it , in the end, a Giant Cobra's head is seen after being cut by Daiken's machete, which Rito Kuchira cook it and then let his friends eat it, and after eat it, his friends says:" it is so very good snake food!!!!",

Giant Cobra
Current Age Unknown ( presumably 65 year old)
Gender Male
Species Cobra
Current Status Dead
Ability/ies Eating
First Appearance Ep 142:Giant Cobra's revenge (only appearance)
Family and Relations
Tokyo peoples (enemies)


He appear resembles a giant cobra from KvsC, but he has green eyes instead.


Giant Cobra resembles a giant cobra from Komodo vs. Cobra, but a different is Giant Cobra has green eyes


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