Ghuplight by Tom
Ghuplight's most recent artwork by Tom (tbc).
Full Name Ghuplight
Current Age Unknown
Gender Male
Species Ghost
Location Twilight Square
Current Status Undead
Ability/ies Invinsibility, Float, Light up, Magic Top Hat, Confusing Eyes.
First Appearance Trick or Treat
Latest Appearance Lets-a-go, Mario
Ghuplight is a character that appears as the main character and protagonist of the Trick or Treat series. He's a an adventurous but serious ghost, although he's seen smiling all the time. For some odd reason he loves the light and his background story is somewhat mysterious. He first appears in Trick or Treat.

Physical AppearanceEdit

Ghuplight is a white ghost with black eyes and shiny, orange pupils. He wears orange gloves as well as orange shoes. He's somewhat small and has a grey top hat with a red line. He is also always seen smiling.

Game AppearancesEdit

Trick or TreatEdit

Ghuplight appears as the main character in this game and wants to save Halloween from an evil demon. Along with his best friend Pete and other friends he'll save Halloween at any cost.

Lets-a-go, MarioEdit

Ghuplight appears in this game as a DLC character. His information is still unconfirmed though.