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Ghosts are a common species of enemies (and in some cases, allies) in the Pac-Man series. They all have distinctive personalities that make them unique from one another.

Bad Ghosts

Blinky (red)- The main leader of the ghost gang. He tries to target Pac-Man directly.

Pinky (pink)- She tries to get in front of Pac-Man and trap him.

Inky (cyan)- Similar to Pinky, he tries to get in front of Pac-Man and co. to trap them.

Clyde (orange)- A ghost a little on the stupid side. He randomly approches Pac-Man with no plan or strategy.

Sue (purple)- Possibly the smartest of the ghosts. She always has a sneaky plan up her sleeve to trap Pac-Man.

Funky (green)- A unique ghost who has the ability to jump, making him very hard to avoid.

Betrayus - A fire Ghost who is Lord of The Ghosts. he uses Fire Abilities

Good Ghosts

Pal (light green)- She assists Pac-Man by holding on to his fruit while he is being chased by ghosts.


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