Ghostrealmcon 2015
Date 9/19/2015
Type Convention

Ghostrealmcon 2015 is a convention being held by Ghostrealm Studios, with other companies invited as well.

Ghostrealm Studios Panel

At their panel, Ghostrealm Studios showed off more of the Nintendo UltraCube, including a new feature that lets it stream PC and mobile games to the console, allowing you to play PC, iOS, and Android games with the UltraCube's controller using the UltraCube Streamer application for PCs and mobile devices, along with the ability to record gameplay footage, including voice, and upload it straight to YouTube.

In addition, more footage of the UltraCube launch titles was revealed, including full trailers for Super Smash Bros. Frontline, Pokemon Online, Super Mario Galaxy 3: Fate of the Universe, Paper Mario: Rebooted, and The Legend of Zelda: The Hylian-Terminan War. Smaller trailers for Metroid Reborn and Pikmin 4: Pandemic were also shown off.

However, the biggest announcement regarding the UltraCube was saved for last: HD remakes of Super Mario World, The Legend of Zelda: A Link to the Past, and Super Metroid were confirmed. The remakes would be packaged together in a bundle known as SNES Legends.

As for 3DS-related announcements, a full trailer for Pokemon Temporal Diamond and Spatial Pearl was shown off.

Other Companies

Let me know if your company wants to be a part of the convention.