Ghostrealm Studios
Type of Company Game Developer
Founder(s) Tigertot
Founded at/in 12/14/2014
Headquarters Edmonton, AB
Owner(s) Tigertot
Parent Company Darklight Studios

Ghostrealm Studios is a Canadian video game company known for a strong relationship with Nintendo as well as a whole host of projects. It now acts as a division of Darklight Studios.


Origins (2014-2015)

Ghostrealm Studios was initially founded in 2014 as a second-party developer for Nintendo, and would quickly expand. The company started off as an internal developer, working on multiple Nintendo titles. Their philosophy for games was to make them as fun as possible, as well as having depth. Multiple titles existed during this "Golden Age" and the company was seen as one of the best developers Nintendo had to offer.

Going Third-Party (2016-)

Eventually, Ghostrealm Studios grew in size to the point where they became a larger corporation. After several meetings with Nintendo, they eventually became a fully-independent studio, and were no longer a subsidiary. However, they continued to work with Nintendo while expanding their operations considerably.

Eventually, the company developed their first original IP: Champions of Ascerth, which would also have a novel tie-in known as Champions of Ascerth: The Chronicles. The series received universal acclaim for its story, which would motivate Ghostrealm Studios to continue working on original projects. They also began to work with companies like SEGA and Crash Co. on various other projects, as the company had grown in influence considerably.

Philosophy and Stances

Ghostrealm Studios believes in making the best experience possible for gamers, whether it be by developing fun games that never make you bored, or in-depth games that leave you striving to progress further. By developing a wide array of games, Ghostrealm Studios believes that they can bring a wide variety of experiences to everyone.

Violence in Games

Ghostrealm Studios is generally okay with violence in their games, as long as it's there for a reason. No mindless killing unless the character has a justification.


Ghostrealm Studios supports modders, believing that it's the right of the customer to do whatever they want with their product. Many of their PC ports have been made easier to mod due to how the code of those games is structured.

Games developed by Ghostrealm Studios

Other Projects

Ghostrealm Studios is also responsible for developing a Nintendo Cinematic Universe of movies, as well as the critically-acclaimed TV series Bowser's Minions. They are also developing a tabletop roleplaying game based on The Legend of Zelda.


  • Ghostrealm Studios once pitched the Nintendo UltraCube console alongside several launch titles to Nintendo, but it was scrapped when the Nintendo Switch was planned to be the Wii U's successor. Only Paper Mario: Rebooted would make it to the Nintendo Switch from the list of UltraCube titles.

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