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A Ghosteze is a spirit from the Ghosteze (Series).The Present Ghosteze (Ghostlee) is the main character and the main Hero/Villan! The Ghosteze spirit is chosen by yinyang tests, which show if the selected spirit/ghost/boo has spirit properties like the last Ghosteze. A Ghosteze is not a person, but an atom group with energy binding properties that need a siritual host to survive.The Atoms in a Ghosteze spread after the afterlife body dies making more spirits possible.As The ghosteze story unfolds, Mario is seen more and cranky kong is seen agian.

Past Ghosteze

  • Gosteze Doolopiss
  • Side: Yin
  • Ghosteze Shaw Min
  • Side: Died before chose
  • Ghosteze Guru Wane
  • Side:Yang
  • Ghosteze Ghostlee
  • Side: Still chooseing

Video games

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