Ghost Smile: The Mysterious Orb is a Ghost Smile game made by Vacuum Inc. for Nintendo Wii.


Kurt was walking around the Ghostpunk Town as he din't have anything to do. As soon as he walked out of city, he found a mysterious thing. He them taked it to his house and washed it. Them it was revealed it was an orb. Them he touched it and it teleported him at roof of his house. When he get out, he them heared a strange voice saying that it's possible to teleport somewhere using your mind and the orb. Kurt them go to say Smile about it. He them encoutered him, and told about the orb. However, Mythic started invasion on the town, and Kurt wanted to teleport himself and Smile to Mythic's base. Unluckily, it hasn't worked and they were teleported far away. Now they must return to the town before Mythic success in his plans!


Gameplay is very similiar to that in Kingdom Hearts. You can walk anywhere you want, but some location are locked to Smile, while they are unlocked to Kurt. There are some puzzles that only Smile can decode, as Kurt can use the orb. Orb can be used only while boss fights, and some puzzles.


  • Smile - Main hero of the game.
  • Kurt - Second main hero of the game. He found the orb that you can use to teleport.
  • Mythic - Main villain of the game. He made an invasion on Ghostpunk Town on beggining of the game.



  • Phantom Valley
  • Grey Meadow
  • Scepter Sea
  • Dimension Space
  • Ghostpunk Town
  • Mythic's Castle


  • Candy Desert
  • Fire Cavern
  • Flower Plain
  • Gathering Sky
  • Mythic's Castle

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