Ghost House (Smash NeXt)
GhostHouse dojo
Super Mario symbol
The haunted mansion
Series Super Mario Bros.
Availability Starter
Home stage to  ???
Other Smash appearances New stage
First non-Smash appearance Super Mario World

Ghost House is a new Super Mario Bros. stage in Super Smash Bros. NeXt. It is the home stage to ??? and here is where it is unlocked.


This stage has one main platform with two others placed higher. This stage is very big, with the three platforms being almost as large as Final Destination. Near the upper blast line, there's a Boos' swarm that acts as the main stage hazard: sometimes, when a character is launched up, near the Boos, they will sometimes bring her or him to the blast line -and to the death. Near the side blast lines there are two walls divided in floors. Some floors have true walls while some others have fakes walls that can be passed, meaning that if someone is launched there, she or he can be KOed. Finally, up to 9 doors can appear. At least one of these is a fake door while the others have casual connection with the others. In other words: if a character enters in a true door, she or he will exit from another. If she or he enters in the first door again, it isn't true that she or he will exit from the second door. Due to these hazards and its big dimensions, Ghost House is universally banned.

Omega version

Only the main platform remains. Boos are seen backward.

Alpha version

Like Battlefield, with Ghost House like platforms.

Theta version

This stage doesn't have a Theta version.


Easter eggs

  • By zooming wider and moving the camera to the left, a Mario's painting is seen. However, if Mario is fighting, a Toad painting will appear instead.
  • In Omega or Alpha version, by moving the camera upwards, near the upper blast line, the Spooky Speedster is seeing the match with pop-corns.