Ghost Dave
Full Name Captain Williams Dave
Current Age 70
Gender Male
Species Ghost
Location Dead Man's Ship
Current Status Undead
Ability/ies To fly, and throw his hook like a boomerang
Ghost Dave (known as Captain William Dave) is a Captain that was originally a human, but was killed after the ship has crashed into a ice land, sinking it thus killing the crews with it when he was 70 years old, He rules and owns the ship called Dead Man's Ship.


He is a Pirate that wears a pirate bandana and a captain hat, he has a gray beard and gray eyebrows, he dons a dark blue jacket that has Medals on them, under the jacket is a black shirt, he has a hook on his left hand, he is a blue ghost

Super Mario : Raving RabbidEdit

He makes his debut in Super Mario : Raving Rabbid, he appears as the third boss in the game, he appears in the level : Crow's Nest. Ghost Dave will attack Mario by throwing his Hook like a boomerang at you, you have to either jump it or duck it, after the hook comes back, You must get on several ropes that appears when the hook comes back and jump from rope to rope, after reaching Ghost Dave, you must slash him with the scythe, dealing damage, this method must be repeated 3 times for the boss to be defeated, after doing this, Ghost Dave will be knocked out and soon fall off on the Main Deck and release a new costume which is a Pirate Costume, it includes a Peg Leg, a Pirate bandana, and a Captain hat, a black beard, a pirate eyepatch, and a pirate outfit. this was copyed from Dead Man's Ship except little edits.