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Ghoshi's island text
Ghoshi's Island boxart
WiiWare box art of Ghoshi's Island.
Platform(s) Wii
Genre(s) Action, Platform
1-2 players
Media Included Digital Download

Steverocks27 (tbc) Fan Game! Do not edit except for:
  • Spelling and grammar errors
  • If you are working on it with me
  • When a new color Ghoshi is added
  • When a 3D photo is added
  • Adding categories
  • McQueenMario (tbc) has free edit if he stays

Ghoshi's Island is a game for the WiiWare for 800 Points. It was created by LuigiRulesINC.


McBoo was young at the time. Being carried by a Crowber, he was out in the darkness. Then, suddenly, something hit the Crowber and knocked McBoo out of the sky. McBoo was lost. He fell down onto an island under the name of Ghoshi's Island. Meanwhile, a White Ghoshi was walking around on Ghoshi's Island, when McBoo fell on his back. Along with McBoo came a map, a map of Ghoshi's Island. How McBoo end up with that? The Ghoshi knew what he had to do. He teamed up with a Pink Ghoshi and a Gray Ghoshi to help McBoo.


After McBoo and the Ghoshis beat Dry Baby Bowser, the Crowber is saved and it carries McBoo to a haunted mansion, soon to be McBoo's Mansion.


80px-Pink Ghoshi MM2

Gray Ghoshi



McBoo MM


White Ghoshi MM2

White Ghoshi

Pink Ghoshi MM2

Pink Ghoshi

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