White Ghoshi MM2
Boo Troop

Ghoshis are undead Yoshis that first appear in McBoo's Mansion 2. They look like normal Yoshis, only they have no legs and can float. They come in three colors, white, pink, and gray similar to the normal Boos and Pink Boos. When Yoshis die, they become Ghoshis and can be ridden by McBoo and his friends.


McBoo's Mansion 2

Ghoshis first appeared in McBoo's Mansion 2. Any playable character can use a Ghoshi in battle by finding and using a Ghoshi Egg as a special attack. Ghoshis are the only special attack that all characters can use. White Ghoshis can eat enemies (but must spit them out after a turn) and have increased stats of all the playable characters. Pink Ghoshis however, are rarer and are stronger, including the move to toss Ghoshi Eggs at enemies (replacing the eating ability).

McBoo's Mansion 3

Ghoshis appear in McBoo's Mansion 3 as in-battle special attacks again.

Ghoshi's Island

Unlike in other games, in Ghoshi's Island Ghoshis are the main characters. In this game, they help McBoo save the Crowber from Dry Baby Bowser. This game also introduces Gray Ghoshi.