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Ghirahim (Pronounced /ɡɪə.ɹɑːˈhiːm/geer-rah-HEEM)[1] is one of two primary antagonists featured in Skyward Sword. He is a figure of authority in the land below Skyloft, and he thinks quite highly of himself,[2][3] preferring to be called Lord Ghirahim.[4] His main objective is continuously hunting for Zelda, in order to use her spirit as a goddess for his plan to resurrect his master, Demise.[5][6][7] Although at first Ghirahim thinks little of Link and his presence,[8][9] the Demon Lord grows frustrated and erratic as he realizes the young hero is an obstacle to his plans.[10][11]

Heart 100%
Might +0.75
Protection 0
Speed +0.5
Magik 0
 distance -1.25


Type mouverest Nom mouverest
Classic-Attaque: Evil Rapier
Special Attack-normale Vampirisme
Special Attack-Side dark plating
Special Attack-hight black out
Attack spécial-low illusion dagger 
ranged attack knife
defenseive attack Rapier Shield
Smash-finale illusion of the Risen

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