Gheal, drawn by the Spirit of Suprises

Gheal is the land in Twisted Evil. It is a world made up of all of the Nintendo universes. Daisy tries to invade it after killing the King and Queen

Lands of GhealEdit

Colors based on above map

  • Mushroom Kingdom (red; top-right)
  • Hyrule (Dark Green; top-left)
  • Sarasaland (Orange; under Mushroom Kingdom)
  • New Sarasaland (Orange, bottom-left)
  • Dream Land (Yellow; bottom-right)
  • Pokemon World (blue; left of Dream land)
  • Balloon Sea (pink; under Hyrule)
  • Balloon Skies (brown; right of Balloon Sea)
  • Flat Zone (Gray; under Sarasaland)
  • Field of Time (light green; above New Sarasaland)
  • Field of Space (gold; left of Mushroom kingdom)
  • Valley of Seasons (purple; above Pokemon World and Dream Land)
  • Valley of Wisdom (teal-ish; right of Hyrule)
  • Eagleland (Charcoal; above Pokemon World)