Ghasja SI

Ghasja silver

Current Age Unknown; nobody knows when he originated
Gender Genderless, though is referred to as male
Location Downtown Miramshad, the Never
Align Malicious
Current Status Undead
Main Weapon(s) "Strings"
First Appearance Unknown
 Ghasja is one of the Zaxinian Lifts' most fearsome creatures, being a multi-dimensional demon that has the uncanny power to drive negativity forcibly into those with weak mental stability, having created a number of antagonistic characters due to its obsession with all things horrible. Supposedly created from the collective negativity stowed in the Zaxinian Lifts' people by the numbers, it is a master of puppets, pulling several powerful characters around the Lifts by its strings as it eats up their positive thoughts for energy. Ghasja hopes to weaken as many individuals as it possibly can in hopes that it can start its own negativity empire, wanting to spread its feels-bad disease to citizens outside of the Zaxinian Lifts and overtake the universe if possible.


Being a collective mass of the people's fueled negativity and remaining supernova matter surrounding the Zaxinian Lifts after it morphed from the original Zaxina planet, it should be no surprise that Ghasja would be both malicious and straight-up powerful. Without a straight thought process to properly read by anyone, not even deities, Ghasja's true personality remains an absolute mystery. It is clear, however, that Ghasja bears no remorse for its victims and uses them only for its own gain, and drops targets from its grasp if it believes them to have become useless. Given that just about every individual that sees Ghasja is immediately struck with electricity that would make them forget about its existence, it is impossible to tell if Ghasja cares about doing anything but concentrating on its own objectives. Given its multiple attacks against the government, and its people, it may have something personal against the Lifts' people in general.

Ghasja tends to never show its true face around the Zaxinian Lifts, keeping itself largely hidden when going out in public and often remaining invisible in even private places. If a group of people are experiencing enough positive energy, however, Ghasja's full body will become exposed due to active cheerfulness stalling its ability to eat it up and also its ability to do as it desires. Ghasja has been known to mercilessly attack victims if they expose its true body, though it usually retreats to its supposed home location; the Never. It should be noted that if it's exposed by one of its most prized victims, it will still attempt to stick around, but will give up if the positivity persists.


Ghasja has several generic properties that would belong to ghosts, such as the ability to go around invisible and phase through solid surfaces without an issue. It seems capable of generating its own limbs, able to create hands and feet whenever it finds it necessarily for its plans as well as wings. It is also capable of extending its limbs towards positions that are several hundred feet from itself, allowing it to capture victims and keep them close to its body. Ghasja is capable of surviving any magic attack, completely absorbing it with its body and using the opportunity to instill fear into its opponent. By feeding on one's positivity and by luring them with its garbled demonically voiced demands, it can make the victim feel highly negative about the world around itself and also themselves, making them into viable strings for Ghasja to use.

It is said that Ghasja does not particularly enjoy fighting, preferring to use much more powerful people as its meatpuppets, but if an opponent comes in contact with its overworldly skin, they will usually feel the element they're currently touching. If a fiery part of his skin is touched, for example, the other's adjacent limb will burn harshly.


As mentioned, Ghasja feels particularly weak around extensive cheerfulness, though this is has little to do with its dark powers and more to do with the fact that it cannot correctly install fear into it victims and also the fact that it cannot digest such amounts of positivity. This can render it weak to attacks from others -- whether or not it can be defeated is truly unknown, but it is fabled that Oyster once made a scratch on its physical body by "pure luck", bringing forth a terrifying scream of agony from Ghasja that forced it to run away as fast as possible.



  • Along with Revensko, the two were set to appear in a series known as Ghasja's Quest back when the character was designed as a protagonist, but the series was scrapped and they became protagonists for General's War, which was then scrapped anyway. He became an antagonist anyways.

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