Getting To Know Eachother is the 6th episode of Season 1 of Misfits, and the sixth episode overall


Aran and Melissa go out on a 'not date'


Aran and Melissa are sitting at a table, eating some lunch. She looks over to Aran and sets her food down

Melissa: So, what are you doing for your break today?
Aran: Meh, nothing really, probably gonna sleep.
Melissa: That sounds kinda boring, shouldn't you go do something?
Aran: I don't really feel like going out, my leg still hurts from when you whacked me in the leg.
Melissa: Hm, well maybe we can both go somewhere tonight like a...

Aran raises his eyebrow

Aran: Like a date?
Melissa: No! Not like that! Sorta like a..
Aran: A not date?

Melissa smiles and claps her hands together.

Melissa: Yeah! That works out!
Aran: Well, where would you wanna go?
Melissa: Oh! Uhm.. How about we go for dinner?
Aran: Sure, as long as wherever we go has spaghetti.
Melissa: Okay..

She turns on her phone and looks at a map, trying to find a place to eat.

Melissa: Ah! Here we go, found a place.

Aran peers over her shoulder

Aran: Oh yeah! I've been to that place before, pretty good food.
Melissa: Well then, cya in a few hours, then!
Aran: Yeah! I'm gonna try to sneak a nap in.

Aran walks out of the room and into the bedroom.

Melissa: Wake up!

Melissa jumps from her bed onto Aran, waking him up instantly

Aran: What the hell?
Melissa: C'mon, lets go on our not date!
Aran: Okay, go out in the car and I'll be out once I change.

Aran slips into the car and shuts the door, smiling.

Melissa: Ready?
Aran: Ready.

They begin to drive in silence.

Melissa: So..
Aran: How are you?
Melissa: Good...
Aran: Same.

The car goes silent again

Melissa pulls the car up

Melissa: Here we are.
Aran: Great! I'm starving.

They go to a seat and look at the menu.

Aran: What do you think you are getting?
Melissa: Probably spaghetti, same as you are getting.
Aran: Cool.

After awhile, a waiter approaches their table.

Waiter: Hello, do you guys know what you want to eat?
Aran: Yes, may we have the..

He looks down at the menu

Aran: Two spaghettis with the Original tomato sauce, one with meatballs, one without.

The waiter nods and writes the order down, and walks away.

Melissa: Shit..
Aran: What's wrong?

She rummages through her bag.

Melissa: I forgot to bring money.
Aran: It's fine, I'll pay.
Melissa: Really? Thanks.

They stare at eachother for a few seconds and laugh akwardly

Aran: Yeah, I guess I'll be a gentleman on our 'not date'.

Melissa chuckles and takes a sip of her drink.

Aran: How's your food?
Melissa: Really good, how is yours?
Aran: Awesome.

She wipes her mouth off and smiles.

Melissa: I haven't asked you yet, how did you lose your hand?
Aran: Was trying to create a sawblade robot, things went bad, hand went bye-bye. How did you get your powers?
Melissa: When I was 12 I was taken out from the streets and experimented on, leading to what I am now.
Aran: Ah.

Aran finishes up the rest of his food, washing it down with the rest of his drink.

Aran: So, wanna get going?
Melissa: Yeah, its gonna be dark soon.

The two stand up and leave, walking out to the car.

Aran: I'll drive.
Melissa: Thanks.

The car pulls up to the Misfits base. They exit the car and walk into the building, stopping at the bedroom door

Melissa: Thanks.

Melissa walks over and akwardly hugs Aran

Aran: For what?
Melissa: Well, for coming, and paying.
Aran: Eh, it's nothing.

Aran looks over to the bedroom door and opens it.

Aran: Well, I'm tired as all hell, so I'll see you tomorrow.
'Melissa: Cya, I'm going to bed soon, aswell.

Aran walks into the bedroom and shuts the door behind him

Mrs. Crassus: Well, how was your night?

Melissa jumps upward and whips around.

Melissa: Oh, it's just you.
Mrs. Crassus: Just me.
Melissa: It was a nice night, Aran is really nice, even if he tries to act cool.
Mrs. Crassus: Really? Because it seems you are one of the only people he is nice towards.

She chuckles

Mrs. Crassus: He doesn't seem to like me.
Melissa: He'll get used to you, soon enough.
Mrs. Crassus: I hope so..

Mrs. Crassus turns the lamp off and looks back to Melissa

Mrs. Crassus: You better get going to bed, you're gonna have a long day tomorrow.

Melissa nods and walks into the bedroom, dissapearing from sight.


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