Germoo is a Demoo that was introduced in the first One Winged Angel game. He is a sarcastic joker and spits one liners when he can. He acts as a sidekick towards Maion.


He is a normal Demoo with black arms. He has otherwise no other distinguishable features when compared the rest of the Demoos.


He has electric powers as well as being able to control other creatures in the Demon realm. He looses the latter power when he is shunned as a outcast by the end, leading him to be isolated with Maion as his only friend.


He is said to be a special Demoo, as he is the only one with electric powers. His parents had neither trait, or so he thought. His parents ended up being not related to him at all, and his biological parents are unknown.

He later became a Demoo leader in his early teens. He was responsible for handling relations with strangers. When Maion came, he was wrapped into her mission and became her friend. When the Demoo King found this out that he made friends with a angel, he shunned him as a outcast.

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