Gerald Mount
Current Age 49
Date of Birth September 3, 1964
Gender Male
Species Human
Location Peace Key City
Gerald Mount is a protagonist of The Triad, the first story of Voidverse Future. His Light ability is unknown. He is the mayor of Peace Key City.






Evell Holder

Evell is Gerald's son. He no longer has custody over Evell over an unknown event, and Evell's last name was changed to his mother's.

Vincent Altmanti

Vincent is a close friend of Gerald's.

Adam Cerato

Adam is a close friend of Gerald's.

Anna Holder

Gerald had unknown relations with Anna, which resulted in the birth of Evell Holder.



Unlike the characters Vincent Altmanti and Adam Cerato, Gerald does not appear in The Seventy Four Saga, however, he is alive at that time and later serves as mayor of Peace Key City during the events of The Sixty Four Saga, which coincides with the time of the story of The Triad, where he is also the mayor, albeit in another reality. His son is Eight Bit.


  • The characters of Vincent Altmanti, Adam Cerato, and Gerald Mount exist as normal in Voidverse Future because, even though the stories take places in a reality where The Void never existed (arguably the true reality), they were all born before The Void ever existed.

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