Full Name Georgia
Current Age 25
Date of Birth May 27th, ????
Zodiac Sign Gemini
Gender Female
Location Harmonia, Earth
Class Hero
Main Weapon(s) Radiowaves, microphones
Georgia is one of the main protagonists of Earth Rocket Racing.


Georgia is a slight stereotypical blond, but has a soulful singing voice. She is charmful and loving, likeable and approaches easily. She finds is quite impatient and is known to get frustrated, so she takes it out in her music.


Georgia has pigtailed blonde hair with lilac bows in. A round face with dark green eyes dark red lipsticked lips. She wears a jagged zigzagged black an white dress with a record disc shown on it and black glittered trousers with purple sneakers. She also has purple headphones.


Poison Tom

Georgia is always negative to Tom and disposes her ideas like the rest of the 7.


Georgia is slightly fame jelaous due to her early career being so far unsuccesful. But she see's Longy as a wise father advice figure.


Georgia hardly speaks to Baptiste but they are forced to work together and seem neutral to do so, but respect their commitment for the cause.


Georgia greatly respects all of her princesses decisions and normally encourages them as they both share great mutual respect for each other.




Earth Rocket Racing

The playable character Georgia is the lead singer and DJ of a rebellious band. She can attack using radiowaves, as her special move.

Stelios Scramble

Her Mic appears as a item.