Georgette Simington - Mario
Full Name Georgette Simington - Mario
Current Age 12
Date of Birth September 15 2000
Zodiac Sign Virgo
Gender Female
Species Human
Location Austin, Texas

Mushroom Kingdom

Current Status Alive
Class Student/Assistant Plumber
Mario Bros. Plumbing Service
Family and Relations
Mario and Luigi (estranged uncles) unseen mother (decreased) and Kang Lunter (step father).
Main Weapon(s) Baseball Bat
Vulnerable To Water
Ethnicity Italian (mother's side) and Irish (father's side)
Georgie Mari
Voice Actor(s)
Tara Strong
First Appearance Super Georgette Mario
Latest Appearance Super Georgette Mario
 Georgette Simington - Mario is the Mario Bros' estranged niece to there estranged sister they never knew about.


Georgette is a total tomboy in a overall like over dress, she shows this by K.Oing Koopas, Cheep-Cheeps, and even Dry Bones'. but when she's with her uncles she's quiet and shy. she also has a Texian accent.


Mario and Luigi

Georgette has a total rough relationship with her uncles as rough as her relationship with her parents.

Her Step-Father

Her Mother's marriage to the man who hates kids and kills animals is supremly horrifying to her and even the intire Koopa Troop (the Koopalings mostly) meaning that Lunter is indeed her arch-rival.

The Koopalings

Georgette is somewhat firm with the Koopalings ever sense her step-father's arrival in Rainbow Land.