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Official artwork for his game.
Full Name Geo Shapeyton X (Geo Shapeyton the Tenth)
Current Age 19
Date of Birth 3/14/1992
Zodiac Sign Ox-Monkey
Gender Male
Location Shape Plaza
Current Status Alive
Class Hero
Main Weapon(s) His parts
Ability/ies Whacking
First Appearance The Polyhedral Adventures of Geo
Hector Tony Cosa XX
Family and Relations
Helen C. Shapeyton IX, Geo IX, Helen VIII
Polynoid, Hero, Wilderness-saver
Geo Metrey Shapeyton X is a polynoid who was named after his father, Geo IX. He is an average, ordinary, run-of-the-mill Polynoid, but he is ON A TRIP TO SAVE HIS WORLD FROM WILDERNESS! So he set. He set on a quest to stop the Evil Polynoid. On his birthday in Japanese, he recieves some chocolates! On his birthday in English, he gets Pi Pie.


  • His name is derived from "Geometry", a type of math.
  • His Birthday is Pi Day 1992.
  • The reason he gets chocolates for his birthday is because he was born on White Day.

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