Gentrieve is a "Super Metroid"-like fan game. It features procedurally generated levels that can be customized for a short, medium or long game. Gentrieve is completely free and available for download on Windows machines.

Trailer Video

Gentrieve -- A Metroid Fan Game00:47

Gentrieve -- A Metroid Fan Game

This trailer was released with version 1.1.6, and shows off a few of the randomly generated levels and combo moves the player can do.

Graphics have improved in the latest version of Gentrieve, after this video was created.

Items in Gentrieve

Gentrieve will use the items below (which you can customize) to map out a world for each game you play:

  • Missiles (& Super Missiles)
  • Grenades (& Super Grenades)
  • Bombs (& Super Bombs)
  • Grappling Hook (which can attach to flat any surface)
  • Ice / Fire / Electric Shot / Multi Shot
  • Morph ball (called "Rollerball") and Rollerball Jump
  • Personal Shields
  • Charge Shot
  • Double (& Mega) Jump
  • Swim Suit
  • Lava Suit
  • Health Packs
  • Dash Attack
  • Personal Teleporter


Gentrieve was developed in Microsoft Visual Basic .NET 2010. XNA v3.1 was used for hardware accelerated graphics and audio. Primary development lasted about 4 months; the last month was mostly playtesting with helpful people from TIGSource.

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