Genotype Studios
Genotype studios
The company logo
Type of Company Game studio
Founder(s) Maximus Loo2012
Founded at/in 2 June 2013
Headquarters Silicon Valley, California, United States of America
Owner(s) Maximus Loo2012
Predecessor -
Successor -
Parent Company -
Subsidiaries Genotype Publishing

Genotype Studios is a game creation company.


Mario Brothers

This 2013 game pits Mario and Luigi against a new villain, Ziwartz, the demon of fire.

Mario Brothers 2

Ziwartz brainwashes Bowser and claims leadership of the Koopas. Mario must defeat him once again.


The Nintendo characters once again battle in the reboot of the Super Smash Bros. franchise


The X-Men battle their archnemesis, Magneto, once again in this 3D Action Adventure game

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