Geng's appearance
Full Name Geng
Current Age 15
Date of Birth  ???
Gender Male
Species Gengar
Location Goldenrod City
Current Status Alive (in a way)
Family and Relations
Eddie Johnson (teammate)

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Kid, calm down! I'm harmless! I wouldn't even think of attacking you. Whatever made you think that is an idiot. Do I look like someone who'd hurt an innocent kid like you?
Geng, upon meeting Eddie for the first time

Geng is a Pokémon from Goldenrod City. Unlike most other Pokémon, Geng has the ability to talk, alongside Brendan Palmer's Minun.


Geng looks like a regular Gengar for the most part, but has a few differences. For example, Geng's eyes are not red, like a normal Gengar's. Geng usually wears shades and a bowler hat, trying to look like a gangster and failing.


Born as a Gastly in Goldenrod City, Geng was found by Eddie, a young, 10-year-old adventurer who traveled Geng's home area. Eddie stumbled upon Geng in the backstreets of Goldenrod. Bring only 10, this caused Eddie to, in Geng's words, "freak the hell out". After calming Eddie, Geng came to the decision to help him. He has helped Eddie for the past 15 years, and as Eddie became dumber, Geng has always been there to help him.


Geng is somewhat easy to anger. He is normally a down-to-earth guy, but will tend to get frustrated way too fast.