Generic Umbrella Fighter is, well, an umbrella fighting game created by Claus the Mighty. The name of the game parodies the fact that around 95% of the umbrella games on Fantendo are fighting games.



Image Name Description Moveset
MASKEDMAN Claus/Masked Man The Masked Man is the twin brother of Lucas, Claus, after he was revived and started getting controlled by Porky. Claus is a fairly powerful character who can use a variety of different moves like PK Love, thunder attacks, and he can fly with bat wings. Melee: Beam Slash

Dash: Swift Strike

Projectile: Thunder

Aerial: Bat Wings

Jump: Jetpack

Combo: Lightning Blast

Shield: Power Shield

Ultimate Finisher: PK Love Omega

Kumatora4 Kumatora claus/goomy the mighty's waifu a "princess" who was orphaned a very young age and eventually got raised by the Magypsies, Kumatora is a user of several devastating PSI attacks; her entire moveset consists of them. Melee: Paralysis

Dash: PK Fire

Projectile: PK Freeze

Aerial: Lifeup

Jump: PK Thunder

Combo: PK Ground

Shield: PSI Magnet

Ultimate Finisher: PK Starstorm

704Goomy Goomy The strongest Dragon type ever is here! Maybe not the strongest, but he isn't the weakest like the Pokedex says... *cough* Noibat *cough* In battle, Goomy is very slow, but he does have a large variety of attacks to use. Melee: Body Slam

Dash: Muddy Water

Projectile: Dragon Pulse

Aerial: Iron Tail

Jump: Sludge Wave

Combo: Flail

Shield: Protect

Ultimate Finisher: Draco Meteor

475Gallade Gallade Gallade is a quick and powerful fighter with a good mix of long-range and close-up attacks. He is also the game's creator's favorite Pokémon. (not goomy like everyone would expect) Melee: Leaf Blade

Dash: Double Team

Projectile: Psychic

Aerial: Aerial Ace

Jump: Teleport

Combo: False Swipe

Shield: Swords Dance

Ultimate Finisher: Close Combat

080Slowbro Slowbro Of course Slowbro would make it in, after all, he Mega Evolves into the best thing ever. Slowbro is the slowest character in the game. Melee: Curse

Dash: Tackle

Projectile: Water Pulse

Aerial: Zen Headbutt

Jump: Jetpack

Combo: Psychic

Shield: Aerial Ace

Ultimate Finisher: Mega Evolution

PinkGoldPeach Pink Gold Peach Regular Peach will not be in this game, as Pink Gold Peach is 100000x better than that stupid princess. Despite being one of the most powerful beings ever, Pink Gold Peach's moveset was toned down in terms of power so she isn't op. Melee: Banana

Dash: Kart Ride

Projectile: Red Shell

Aerial: Triple Shells

Jump: Glider

Combo: Metallic Madness

Shield: Star

Ultimate Finisher: Pink Gold Power

215px-Shyguy MP9 Shy Guy Shy Guy is a lightweight and short character who uses a variety of moves based off of his sub-species. Melee: Rob

Dash: Trip

Projectile: Snifit Cannonball

Aerial: Spear Spin

Jump: Wing Trident

Combo: Spear Combo

Shield: Inferno

Ultimate Finisher: Unmask

640px-Stork and Babies Artwork - Yoshi's New Island Stork The baby-deliverer (if deliverer's even a word) guy from the Yoshi series decided to try and fight for some reason... Anyways, he plays somewhat like the Plasma Wisp and the Tails Doll, as he can only fly and can't walk. Melee: Sack Slap

Dash: Drill Peck

Projectile: Baby Drop

Combo: Wing Slash

Shield: Wind Up

Ultimate Finisher: Baby Army

Slenderman resource by dimelotu-d591k9u Slenderman Here's that one not real thing that apparently everyone is afraid of but me... Anyways, Slendy isn't a traditional fighter. Most of his moves aren't that great in combat, however he can possess his opponents into attacking other foes for him, and he can also attack the foe he possessed as well. Melee: Mind Control

Dash: Stalk

Projectile: Fire Blast

Aerial: Fire Spin

Jump: Disappear

Combo: Tentacle Whip

Shield: Camouflage

Ultimate Finisher: Static

Tails Doll 3D Tails Doll The "murderous force" in the scariest creepypasta ever, the Tails Doll is looking for some foolish souls to steal. He (or it or whatever) is an abnormal fighter, as he doesn't walk on the ground, he floats above it, meaning that he is excellent at avoiding attacks. Melee: Claw Sprout

Dash: Headbutt

Projectile: Diamond Waves

Aerial: Claw Dive

Jump: Float

Combo: Diamond Blast

Shield: Barrier

Ultimate Finisher: Soul Stealer

VectorWG Vector WHERE'S THE COMPUTER ROOM? Vector is a detective in the Chaotix, a team of three people, two of which tend to be annoying a lot, Vector being one of them. He obsesses over computer rooms all the time and only stops when he is in one. Vector mainly attacks using computers. Melee: Super Bite

Dash: Wheel Dash

Projectile: Computer Toss

Aerial: Air Wheel

Jump: Bubble Gum

Combo: Croc Spin

Shield: Computer Shield


Matthew Matthew Matthew is a character Claus created for a game making website known as Sploder. Matthew is a swift character who mainly uses his ice powers to attack, and he has a variety of melee moves, too. Melee: Freeze

Dash: Illusion

Projectile: Ice Beam

Aerial: Cold Spin

Jump: Ice Spring

Combo: Frozen Fists

Shield: Ice Reflect

Ultimate Finisher: Ice Blast

Fyre Fyre A character from CtM's worse days... Melee: Fire Punch

Dash: Flame Tackle

Projectile: Fire Toss

Aerial: Fireball Engulf

Jump: Hover

Combo: Blaze Spell

Shield: Fire Barrier

Ultimate Finisher: Flaming Finale

Splatoon-Inkling Render 001 Inkling everyone's favorite overrated squid girl joins the fight! Her moveset heavily relies on spraying ink, as some of her moves rely on her ink, such as if her squid moves don't land in ink, she takes damage. Melee: Ink Roller

Dash: Squid Dash

Projectile: Ink Spray

Aerial: Squid Dive

Jump: Squid Leap

Combo: Ink Blast

Shield: Ink Hide

Ultimate Finisher: Ally Summon

Plasmawisp Plasma Wisp The helper that gives Kirby one of the most op abilities ever when inhaled, the Plasma Wisp can float like the Tails Doll, however he cant jump and instead can fly up and down; thus he has no aerial or jump moves. Melee: Plasma Flare

Dash: Plasma Sear

Projectile: Plasma Laser

Combo: Plasma Wave

Shield: Barrier

Ultimate Finisher: Plasma Supernova

RockyKirby Rocky Never mind the Plasma Wisp, Rocky gives Kirby the real most op ability, as Kirby can become permanently invincible at will if he wants while using it. Fortunately, this was nerfed a bit, as Rocky is only invincible for a few seconds at a time. Melee: Rock Transform

Dash: Rock Slide

Projectile: Rock Throw

Aerial: Rock Drop

Jump: Multi-Jump

Combo: Repeat Transformation

Shield: Guard

Ultimate Finisher: OP

Goku-Yuyuki Goku at least he's better than that other goku... Melee: Awesomeness Power

Dash: Awesome Dash

Projectile: OP Missile

Aerial: Ultimate Spin Attack of Death

Jump: Sprout Wings

Combo: Destroy

Shield: Barrier of Amazingness

Ultimate Finisher: Ultimate Destruction

Wind-Up Wind-Up The best character ever created is here to pwn everyone! Nope, Wind-Up is a dumb robot hailing from the Skylands, who only wants to become the most popular Skylander. Fuelled by all of the hate he gets, Wind-Up decided to enter the battle to prove his skills to all of his haters. Melee: Short Circuit

Dash: Spring Shot

Projectile: Winding Weapon

Aerial: Rage

Jump: Arm Extend

Combo: Overcrank

Shield: Wind Up

Ultimate Finisher: Ultimate Wind-Up

Bad Boxart Mega Man Mega Man Mega Man joins the battle!? Melee: Punch

Dash: Body Slam

Projectile: Laser Shot

Aerial: Downward Kick

Jump: Rush Coil

Combo: Flurry Punch

Shield: Disgusting Stench

Ultimate Finisher: Mega Man Army

Kraid Kraid kraid isn't too big (also due to his large size he can't jump) Melee: Double Scratch

Dash: Spike Dash

Projectile: Spike Shot

Combo: Rock Spew

Shield: Needle Shield

Ultimate Finisher: Ice Blast








Ultimate Finisher: RIDLEY FOR SMASH


Image Name How to Unlock Description Moveset
Photo on 7-10-14 at 3.13 PM Marley TBA Marley, Legendaryice's cat, decides to fight! Marley is a quick and powerful fighter who uses moves based off of cats' methods of attacking. (with a few exceptions) Melee: Bite

Dash: Lunge Scratch

Projectile: Rainbows

Aerial: Pounce

Jump: Feline Leap

Combo: Super Scratch

Shield: Evade

Ultimate Finisher: Purr Earthquake

Miita Miita Knight TBA "I am Meta Knight, joining the battle! Melee: Meta Slash

Dash: Sword Dash

Projectile: Sword Beam

Aerial: Sword Spin

Jump: Shuttle Loop

Combo: Tornado Spin

Shield: Dimensional Cape

Ultimate Finisher: Halberd

MetaKnight Meta Knight TBA why is he in the game he's just an impostor of miita knight he sucks Melee: "Meta" Slash

Dash: Sword Dash

Projectile: Sword Beam

Aerial: "Knight" Spin

Jump: Shuttle Loop

Combo: Tornado Spin

Shield: Dimensional Cape

Ultimate Finisher: False Halberd

M3m3 Meme Generator TBA This evil thing was created with the sole purpose of bothering people with old memes. Melee: Falcon Punch

Dash: SuperSANIC Speed

Projectile: Death Stare

Aerial: Onion Bomb

Jump: Troll Recover

Combo: Sanic Spinball

Shield: Meme Shield

Ultimate Finisher: IT'S OVER 9000!!!!!

548px-CharizardSSB4 Charizard TBA here's the most overrated thing ever why should anyone like it its just a dragon, and besides there are way better dragons in the pokemon series than this, also its barely even a dragon type Melee: Dragon Claw

Dash: Flare Blitz

Projectile: Flamethrower

Aerial: Air Slash

Jump: Fire Spin

Combo: Slash

Shield: Roar

Ultimate Finisher: Mega Evolution

330Flygon Flygon TBA a better dragon pokemon Melee: Feint Attack

Dash: Supersonic

Projectile: Sonic Boom

Aerial: Dragon Claw

Jump: Fly

Combo: Sand Tomb

Shield: Bide

Ultimate Finisher: Earthquake

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