Generic Umbrella Beat-'Em-Up is an umbrella game and the second game in the Generic Umbrella series. Unlike it's prequel, it is worked on by multiple people, those being Claus (the creator of the original), Fandro, Dylan, and Dark, so the roster will be radically different from the original. The game is for the Wii U, 3DS, (also you can add your own consoles here)


The game plays like most other beat-'em-up games, however there are a few differences, from major to minor. There are three buttons which are used to attack, and different attacks can be triggered using these buttons whether you press them while pressing nothing, left or right, up, or down on the D-Pad or the Circle Pad, Smash Bros. style. Pressing the other button is used for tasks such as jumping and sliding. Also by pressing A/R and L, the player can guard, which halves the damage taken by enemy attacks, however the attacks can take more damage if guarding is used too often. By defeating enemies, a red bar at the top will fill up, and when it is filled up, each character can use a finisher-style move which are great for defeating enemies. Rarely from defeating enemies, they will drop a weapon. These weapons can be used in battle using their own individual buttons. Every enemy in the game has their own weapons. The game is more fast paced than most other games of its genre, as attacking is faster and it it is possible to run. There is also a ground smash technique, which can damage enemies and break certain objects.



  • Circle Pad/D-[ad- Walk
  • Walk + Another Circle Pad/D-Pad press in the direction the playable character is facing- Run
  • X- Attack 1 (triggers different attacks from Y and B)
  • Y- Attack 2 (triggers different attacks from X and B)
  • B- Attack 3 (triggers different attacks from X and Y)
  • X/Y/B while standing still- Neutral Attack
  • X/Y/B + Left/Right on the D/Circle Pad- Walk Attack
  • X/Y/B + Up on the D/Circle Pad- Upward Attack
  • X/Y/B + Down on the D/Circle Pad- Downward Attack
  • A- Jump
  • A + A- Double Jump
  • Jump/Double Jump + Down- Ground Smash
  • A + Down- Slide
  • R/L- Guard
  • Start- Pause
  • A on menus- Select
  • B on menus- Cancel

Wii U Controller


Wii U Controller + Nunchuck


Wii U Game Pad


Wii U Pro Controller


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