Generation VII, also known as the Element Generation, is a Generation of Pokémon games to be released after Generation VI. Despite the fact that it comes after the 3D games of Generation VI, its games are displayed in 2D.

Dahto is the main region used in this generation, being debuting in the first games of the generation, Pokémon Earth and Wind Versions. Dahto is a group of islands, with Surf being a major HM used in the games. Dahto is located quite a distance away from the other regions.

Advances in Gameplay

Additions in Pokémon Earth, Wind, and Sun Versions

  • The addition of 108 new Pokémon, with the total being TBA. No Pokémon from previous generations can be found in the dexes Earth or Wind Versions.
  • The addition of 80 new moves, with the total being TBA. There will be an addition of at least 10 TMs, as well.
  • The addition of 20 new abilities, with the total being TBA. The Dream World does not reappear, however, so those abilities may be obtained through different methods.
  • Another region to explore, the Dahto region.
  • A new villainous team, Team Glacier, has risen, and the heroes must stop them before they take over the Dahto region.
  • Two new hero characters, Earth, Wind (the two from Wind and Earth Versions), and Sun (the one from Pokémon Sun Version).

More TBA.

Elements brought back from previous games



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