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Generation VII is the succeeding generation to Generation VI and it has yet to be succeeded. The games are displayed in 3D (models), similarly to the previous generation. The generation introduces 1 pair of games, along with a sequel, as well as spin-offs, such as Pokémon Mystery Dungeon: Spirits of Zodiac and PokéPark 3: Wonders of the World




Pokémon Light and Shadow

Notable New Features

Pokémon Light and Shadow

  • The player must gain 10 Badges to enter the Elite Four.
  • Each version will have a different plot and some different towns, although most of the location is the same.
  • When Tag/Triple/Rotation battles occur, players can use a duel/triple attack, but only some combinations work.
  • Players must now allow their Pokémon to eat, sleep and play.
  • New Status'
    • Soaked: The user becomes soaked when attacked with a water type move. It decreases the user's speed and slowly decreases its HP.
    • Blind: The user becomes unable to see the target for a number of turns, depending on how many healthy Pokémon are in its party. Its evasiveness and accuracy are lowered and Pokémon who become blind take double the damage from Ghost and Dark type attacks.
  • There will be a new type, Robot, to balance out the Fairy type and Ice Type, plus the addition of the Light Type and Shadow Type by event.
    • Robot is strong against Psychic, Fairy and Electric.
    • Robot is weak against Water, Ice and Poison.
    • Robot resists Fairy, Electric and Fire.
    • Robot is resisted by Ice, Poison and Steel.
    • Ghost is immune to Robot
  • Type Changes
    • Steel resists Dark and Ghost.

Pokémon ???

Coming Soon


These images have yet to be used in any of the games so far.

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