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Generation VII (Mojo)/Pokémon

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These are the Pokémon for Generation 7.


Pokemon with no Images

New Mega Evolutions/Primal Reversions

New Megas

New Primals


  • Credit to Hamclub13 for the ideas of Echadow and Dragula.
  • Credit to Biospark22 for the idea of Mrytholo.
  • Credit to SuperLuigiBros.2013 for the ideas of Pyrock, Embirck, Ignistone, Tripp, Tumbell, Hailier, Snownoh, Spookectric, Ghosteal, Soular, Evile, Demonigross, Smixie, Genieous, Supurr, and Ameowzing.
  • Credit to AwesomeLuke for the ideas of Rorayl and Mecayayel.
  • Credit to TerrariaBoss for the ideas of Marsh and Smorsh.
  • Credit to Shadow Inferno for the ideas of Cherbang, Petaboom, Blossgnus, Sherbi, Sourbet, Dewple, Balloobew, Casmare, Carelpelt, and Rugide.
  • Credit to People on Denvainart for the Pictures of Mega Evolution and Primal Reversions.

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