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These are the Pokemon for Generation 7.



Ashow's Evolvation

Ashow's Evolvation

Ashow is the Fire-Type Pokemon, refered to as (in the Pokedex) The Flame Cow Pokemon. He evolves into Ashull, The Flame Bull Pokemon, who evolves into Flamull, also the Flame Bull Pokemon. All of their Pokedex Colors are Orange.


Ventosaur's Evolvation

Ventosaur's Evolvation

Ventosaur is the starting Grass-Type Pokemon, and a Rose Dinosaur Pokemon (as called in the Pokedex) because of the rose that grows on it's back through the whole evolvation. It evolves into Kentosaur, who evolves into Reentosaur (pronounced as re- ent-o-sor), who is actually twice the size of Ventosaur. Their Pokedex Color is Green.


Squidwid's Evolvation

Squidwid's Evolvation

Squidwid is the Water-Type Pokemon you can get in the begining. He is a Water Jellyfish Pokemon (as known in the Pokedex), showing that he is made completly out of water. He evolves into Squider, and, even though he looks more like an octapus, he has the same name as Squidwid in the Pokedex: Water Jellyfish Pokemon. He evolves into Squidopie, who is called the Poisonus Octapus Pokemon, because he is now water AND poison type. Their Pokecex Color is Purple.

Normal Type


Meowth is a Normal Type Pokemon from Generation 1. He evovles into a Persian. Meowth's Pokedex Color is Yellow, while Persian's is White.


Lillipup is a Narmal Type Pokemon from Generation 5. He evolves into Herdier, who evolves into Stoutland. Lillipup and Herdier's Pokedex Colors are Brown, unlike in their games, while Stoutland's is Gray.

Fire Type


Pyrock is a Fire/Rock Type Pokemon, who evolves into Embrick and Ignistone. Their PokeDex color is unknown.


Charmander is a Fire Type Pokemon from Generation 1. He evovlves into Charmeleon who evolves into Charizard. Their PokeDex Colors are Orange.

Grass Type


Bulbasaur is a Grass/Poison Type from Generation 1. He evolves into Ivysaur, who evolves into Venusaur. Their Pokedex Color is Green.

Water Type


Buboles is a Water Type Pokemon who resembles bubbles (which is why his name is prononced the same way). He has no current evolvation, but his PokeDex Color is Sky Blue.


Squirtle is a Water Type Pokemon from Generation 1. He evolves into Wartortle, who evolves into Blastoise. Their PokeDex Color is Blue.

Electric Type


Pichu is an Electric Type Pokemon from Generation 2. Unlike the previous titles in the Pokemon Series, Pichu evolves into Pikachu, who evolves into Raichu. Their Pokedex Color is Yellow, but Raichu's Pokedex Color is Orange.

Flying Type


Flyborg is a Flying/Steel Type Pokemon, which happens to look like the compination of a Bird and a Robot. He evolves into Cybird, also a Flying/Steel Type Robotic Bird Pokemon. It's Pokedex Color is unknown.

Fighting Type


Foxer is a Fighting Type Pokemon, and actually looks nothing like a fox (dispite his name being FOXer). He evovles into Bighter, who is taller than Foxer. Foxer's Pokedex Color is Red, while Bighter's is Dark Red.


Suicidel is a Fighting Type Pokemon.


Machop is a Fighting Type Pokemon from Generation 1. He evolves into Machoke, who evolves into Machamp. Their Pokedex Colors are Gray.

Steel Type


Flyborg is a Flying/Steel Type Pokemon, which happens to look like a combonation of a bird and a robot. He evolves into Cybird, also a Flying/Steel Type Robotic Bird Pokemon. It's Pokedex color is unknown.


Genesect is a Bug/Steel Type Pokemon from Generation 4.

Dark Type


Echadow is a Dark/Flying Type Pokemon who resembles Dracula & Vampires. He evolves into Dragula at level 36, being a Dark/Dragon Type. Their Pokedex Color is Black.


Zorua is a Pokemon from Generation 1, who evolves into Zoroark. Zoroark now has an awakened form, unlike the other games he was in. Zorua's Pokedex Color is Gray, while Zoroark's is Black.

Fairy Type


Flairy is a Fairy/Fire Type Pokemon. It has no evolvation, but it's Pokedex Color is White.


Splariwinkle is a Fairy Type Pokemon. Nothing much is known about this pokemon yet, but it resembles a Jigglypuff crossed over with a butterfly.


Jigglypuff is a Fairy/Normal Type Pokemon from Generation 1.

Special Type


Mewtwo is a Psychic/Special Type Pokemon, from Generation 1. Like Generation 6, Mewtwo has an awakened form. His pokedex color is Purple.


Mrytholo (pronounced as Mr-yth-oh-loh) is a Special Type Pokemon. Nothing much is known about it, but it's Pokedex Color is Cyan.


Alphbeta is a Legendary Pokemon for Pokemon Sparkle version, and is a Special Type. He is a Sparkly Demon Pokemon, who appears to be King of the Special Type Pokemon. He is only fought once, which is near the end of Victory Road. His Pokedex Color is Gold.

Other Info

  • Credit to Hamclub13 for the idea of Echadow and Dragula.
  • Credit to Biospark22 for the idea of Mrytholo.
  • Alphbeta shares resemblance to the final boss of Eggman Land, E-1000 Alphbeta, since they both have the same name.

Awakened Pokemon

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