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General Zooka
General Zooka
Full Name General Zooka
Current Age Unknown (5 for robot years)
Gender Male
Species Robot
Location Gastnovia
Align Neutraly Good
Current Status Alive
TTT-02 Special Force
Family and Relations
Unnamed creator
Main Weapon(s) Bazooka attached to his left hand
Vulnerable To Electric, Water
First Appearance Unten Fighters
General Zooka is a robot from the "Lost" universe that first appears in Unten Fighters. He is a ranked General who is mission is to arrest Unten, claiming for the destruction with his army of soldier robots.



Not much about his origins, execpt that he was created by the now deceased scientist as part of RAMiranda 's army, but one of the robots escaped and joined TTT-02 Special Force, where his original title is Captain, but he later gained the title of General for his accomplishment. In Unten Fighters, while he was arresting a criminal, he come across Unten for the first time, and since then he made attempts to arrest him, but fails many times, at one point he almost lost his title of General. In the Story Mode, he was possessed by RAMiranda and goes to the headquartes of TTT-02 Special Force to gain access of launching nuclear missiles, but Unten just made in time and stops it. After he was defeated, RAMiranda lost control of the General's body and runs away. He explains that the dark sorceress want to use nuclear missiles to launch in other universes, which causes a catastrophe. He is last seen in the end of the story mode, where he chases Unten as usual with his TTT-02 Speed Bike and his soldiers to arrest him.


General Zooka's personality is more like Zenigata from Lupin the 3rd franchise, he is quite sensitive who often weeps uncontrollably. He is also somewhat of a comic relief, sometimes where he jokes about his "mother" not doing responsability to him.

Powers and Abilities

General Zooka can fire homing missiles up to 5 as he has a bazooka as his left hand. He also had a pistol, but rarely uses it.



Unten is Zooka's arch rival. He always trying to arrest him for "criminal reasons" since he met him during the beginning of the Story Mode. In some ways, he helps Unten to gain access to RAMiranda's Castle and sometimes like or hate the guy in a unpredictable way.


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