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General Victor Blackstone
Full Name Victor Blackstone
Zodiac Sign Sagittarius
Gender Male
Species Human
Location Mushroom Kingdom
Class General
Family and Relations
Flynn Blackstone (brother)
Victoria Blackstone (biological mother)
Miles Blackstone (father)
Emmett Blackstone (paternal grandfather)
Raymond Blackstone (uncle)
Thomas "Tommy" Blackstone (cousin)
Violet (adoptive mother)
Main Weapon(s) Sword
Sword of Bellatores
First Appearance War of the Kingdoms: The Tempus Gem
Latest Appearance War of the Kingdoms: The Last Battle

That worked out perfectly, didn't it? It's not like we're stuck in a monster-infested tomb or anything, right?
War of the Kingdoms: Ring of Infinitas

General Victor Armis Blackstone, normally known as just Victor, is one of the nine main protagonists in the War of the Kingdoms (series) series. Why he joined the Koopalings on their quest is not revealed until War of the Kingdoms: Sword of Bellatores, when he reveals his painful, tragic history. In War of the Kingdoms: The Last Battle, during the War of The Mushroom Kingdom, he is fatally wounded but the Ten Artifacts Circle saves him.

Early LifeEdit


Victor was born to Victoria and Miles Blackstone. He describes Victoria as being "indescribably beautiful, having the face of an angel, the eyes of an ocean and the voice of a goddess". He describes Miles as "rugged and tough, closed off and stubborn". He also admits that Miles wasn't there for him and he never earned Miles' respect. This is the most likely reason as to why Victor is resentful towards him.

He had a younger brother, Flynn. Flynn had a severe case of brain damage and was clueless towards the hate against humans at that time. He looked up to Victor, who had a very low self-esteem and felt he couldn't be the person his brother wanted him to be. Due to his brain damage, Flynn was harassed and beaten by others, angering Victor to the point that he sent four people to a hospital. This caused Flynn to stop admiring him and instead starts to hate him.

He had a grandfather called Emmett. Victor describes him as "a stereotypical elder, wise and kind to all". Emmett was a war veteran and took pleasure in relaying his life stories to his relatives. He was particularly close to Flynn, making Victor feeling slightly neglected. Victor says that Emmet was partly why he joined the Koopa Troop.

He had an uncle called Raymond.