I guess it really is the end of the beginning.
Snickers, Shadows of Mallory, Chapter 14: The Fandraxonian Eschaton

General Snickers
General Snickers by Exo
Current Age 20
Date of Birth March 25th
Gender Male
Species Human
Location Windside Town
Keil, alcohol, death metal, being snotty, looking cool, "acting cool", brushing out his thick hair, inflicting sick burns, proving himself right, winning in any situation, outdated memes, his siblings (refuses to admit it)
Being seen as the villain, bleeding, called any insult, having to fight his siblings (refuses to admit it), eggs, any form of pasta
Main Weapon(s) Firearms
Height 6'01"
First Appearance General's Journey
General Snickers Hershey Caramel, or simply just "General Snickers" or "Snickers", was the second eldest child of the Caramel family and was Scotch's older brother prior to his death in The Devil's Deal. Though he was recognized in the Lifts as a despicable, hateful being that simply wanted to spread Mallory's despair around, he was in truth a cornered man that was a straight-up coward that didn't know how to fight off those trying to control him. Once having been known as Mallory's right-hand man until Shadows of Mallory, he was for the last months of his life desperately trying to clear his reputation and trying to regain his siblings' respect for all the damage he had been forced to do. Mallory was the one that forced him to do foul play and use equally foul language against Scotch, his siblings and everyone he liked. Following Shadows of Mallory, he admitted to only joining Mallory because she would have killed him otherwise, and had to go under the excuse that he was "her horndog".

Before he reformed, he was known as a sadistic man that nobody wanted around them due to his stereotypical villainous or anti-hero attitude, with said intents to bring humanity's downfall or obtain world domination. He became so good at being troublesome that not even Mallory had that much of a liking for him when she forced that behavior on him. He was in a troubled relationship with Oyster, who wasn't on the same side of the Resistance as him regrettably, and was working on highly complicated plans to get his revenge on Mallory with Keil's help (his once-ultimate crush). However, he died at the hands of Mallory, who no longer needed his presence in the Lifts.

Physical Description

General Snickers was a 6'1" American eighteen-year-old, noted for his somewhat muscular appearance and a face that almost never smiled. Unlike Scotch's simple grey shirt, he had a black shirt with a yellow "warning triangle" on it, and wore a shiny yellow jacket. Rather than jeans, he wore dark yellow shorts and had black sneakers. His hat was very much like Scotch's, although it had a pink lining at the bottom rather than green. Extending down from the bottoms of his hat were his long, black curls.


A coward that always worked in the shadows of whoever's currently controlling him, Snickers was not a strong man at all regardless of what his tough exterior might have implied. He tended to follow the commands of whoever had him under their control smoothly and without issue, as he didn't want to face consequences, judgement, or any sort of punishment as a result. He tended to exceed at whatever he was asked to do, including being a liar or stealing things he shouldn't have been holding possession of, but was unable to really shake off any guilt or pressure that came as a result of those misdeeds. He could also fake his act real well, having appeared as a mean man in almost every interaction he had with Scotch prior to Shadows of Mallory even if he never meant those cruel words or actions. As he would later say, he cried when he forced himself into a battle with Scotch that he couldn't win, and got bombed and sliced only because he couldn't buy his way out of the fight. Though he did possess some really strong abilities, he hated fighting and couldn't bring himself to actually kill most people willingly.

In truth, Snickers was a nice person around his few friends and might have even be a nicer person than either sibling, and tried to keep others out of trouble if he could help it. Even under Mallory's command, he was able to help Syinara Wyne escape Mallory's prison at one point without getting caught. He was very easy to overload with stress or guilt and spent a lot of his free time trying to drink the pain away in addition to washing out his memories of Mallory. He had much respect for Scotch and Syande and was very proud of them for having come so far, even if his old master never felt the same way. He wished he were ever as brave as Scotch or even Oshelia, and only came close so shortly prior to death.


Snickers led his own troop akin to his sibling Scotch, and was an administrator of the Vinegar Troops because of his military strengths. He was a strong commander that knew his duty and responsibilities, and was an expert at commanding and firing shots at his enemies. He was more precise and (somehow) more forgiving when mistakes were made by his team. He was a very good sharpshooter himself and a good backstabber (literally and figuratively). Though he didn't lie to his friends, he was such a filthy liar that had been able to worm his way in and out of troublesome situations and made the queen believe almost anything he's said. He could also fool his own siblings, a tactic he used in General's Journey, but he only tried to fool the actual enemy closer to the end of his life.

Relationships with Other Characters

General Scotch

Highly respected his brother for what he does and for overcoming so many hardships set up by Mallory and her cronies (including himself, once upon a time). He was absolutely proud of him for putting up with everything around him and leading such terrifying missions at an age younger than himself. Though he really liked his brother, he couldn't help but tease him every now and then and play a few cool pranks on him, and could be a little terrified of him whenever he got real mad. Scotch was impressed with Snickers' durability against Mallory.


Once his ultimate crush and one true counter, Snickers had a very strong relationship with Keil friends. Though Keil tended to tease him, pick on him at times and blew things up right in his face, Snickers totally adored her (literally) bombastic behavior and strange tendencies, and liked to spend time around her. Though Keil had no idea what she's doing in the Resistance whatsoever, she was working on some "dumb science project" with the general. These plans might have been cancelled post-death.

Oyster Moore

Snickers loved Oyster so much for having just barely saved him from a suicide attempt and for all the good she's brought him since. Unfortunately, their time together was cut short due to the heavy circumstances of the Mallorian Monarch, and eventually they were forcibly put on opposite sides of the Resistance, much to Snickers' displeasure. Snickers hoped that he would get to reunite with Oyster one day, as she was the one and only person had shown any decent amount of love for him. However, because he died at the hands of Mallory, that will never happen.

Queen Mallory

Snickers absolutely abhorred Mallory and every comrade she's ever had (barring Glain following her reforming), and felt that he was destined to destroy her above anything else. Having manipulated him multiple times and used his siblings against him on more than one occasion in addition to beating him for every mistake he's made, Snickers felt that he had a very personal score to settle with Mallory, which he tried to do in The Devil's Deal at the cost of his own life. He was also very mad at her for all the trouble she had put Scotch through.



  • General Snickers was originally developed by Athena's brother, but was taken over by her anyway.

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