General Snickers
General Snickers by Exo
Current Age 20
Date of Birth April 17
Gender Male
Species Human
Location Windside Town
Keil, alcohol, death metal, being snotty, looking cool, "acting cool", brushing out his thick hair, inflicting sick burns, proving himself right, winning in any situation, outdated memes, his siblings (refuses to admit it)
Being seen as the villain, bleeding, called any insult, having to fight his siblings (refuses to admit it), eggs, any form of pasta
Main Weapon(s) Firearms
Height 5'08"
First Appearance General's Journey
General Snickers Hershey Caramel, or simply just "General Snickers" or "Snickers", is the rowdy and rather despicable brother of General Scotch, always behaving rather antagonistic or otherwise rude around everyone with one exception. He has often been described as "unwanted" and "a total madman", always choosing options that would either lead towards a downfall for humanity, world domination, or ways that would benefit a potential relationship with his ultimate crush, Keil. He is Mallory's right-hand man, ultimately being the one to carry out her goals, and spends his free-time seeking out Syi for her pleasures.

Physical Description

General Snickers is a 6'1" American eighteen-year-old, noted for his somewhat muscular appearance and a face that almost never smiles. Unlike Scotch's simple grey shirt, he has a black shirt with a yellow "warning triangle" on it, and wears a shiny yellow jacket. Rather than jeans, he wears dark yellow shorts and has black sneakers. His hat is very much like Scotch's, although it has a pink lining at the bottom rather than green. Extending down from the bottoms of his hat are his long, black curls.


Snickers is extremely ruthless, almighty and downright an ass to everyone in his way with the exception of Keil. He is a very determined fighter and will never stop until he wins, with only one or two exceptions having been made in his entire lifetime. If he disagrees with someone, he will keep holding a grudge against them until the bridge finally burns, and doesn't care about the resulting aftermath. If someone disagrees with his thoughts on political matters or the world, he will cram his thoughts down their throat until he can get his point across. Otherwise, he just kills them off. He is very power-hungry and always attempts to climb to higher and higher positions just to prove to his brother how strong he really is.

Even when not doing evil actions, Snickers is still rather malicious and annoying. He loves to pull pranks and do things that would make others upset, and is willing to do the most immoral things to just prove himself, even if he doesn't particularly enjoy doing them. Like Scotch, he is an extremely terrible joke-teller, and is even worse than he is with it, and often shoves sensitive subjects into his speech. He likes to harass and sometimes torture others for fun, but at the very least doesn't get to the point of killing. Despite contrary belief, Snickers is actually supportive of all genders/sexualities/whatever, but does not push his thoughts forward and claims it's a "really stupid thing to be fighting over".

Largely thanks to his how rude and despicable he can be, he has been widely criticized throughout the Zaxinian Lifts for his wicked personality and horrid sense of humor, and the fact that he induces "discomforting" feelings in others. The way he re-courses lives and brings down those who want to achieve their dreams has also be heavily criticized. He's often targeted by heroes and villains alike, with only Black Eyes, Mallory and Keil seeming to appreciate him at all. People that he happens to find relationships with at all often break up with him or attempt to kill him off and put him out of others' misery. Snickers seems to show no opinion on what others think of him, often saying "You may be more reasonable, but you're not General Snicky."

Despite all of the horrible behavior he displays, Snickers has not always been this way. It's unknown when his personality completely flipped around, but he used to be a nicer and more friendly person, and has enjoyed telling actually funny jokes to others. He used to be as sincere and friendly as Scotch, but something sparked with him that has yet to be discovered in General's Journey. This spark got him riled up and got him hiding away from family. While alone, he formed a really malicious personality and began to take his anger on the world with the personality before it consumed him, eliminating almost all charm he had left inside him. Scotch is fully aware that Snickers isn't "entirely evil" and thinks he can be flipped around.

But can he?

...Additionally, around Keil he tends to act like a huge dork and totally loses any confidence in himself, usually falling completely in love with Keil unless his determination is at its strongest.  He chases after Keil lovingly and is always subject to pranks or stuff by this woman as a result.  He is still fatal and dangerous though, and will kill anyone that messes with Keil.  He sleeps with a Keil body pillow every night.


Just like his younger sibling Scotch, Snickers leads his own troop, but they're affiliated with his master Mallory, and he refers to them as the OASIS (Original Anti-Scotch Idiocy Squad) Forces. He is a very strong commander, and even though he hasn't been running the same responsibilities as long as Scotch has, he is much more of an expert with the job and has been able to command Mallory's forces to send Scotch and his "pathetic friends" out of home. He is an extremely good sharpshooter and is a good backstabber -- literally and figuratively. He is a filthy liar, but lies so well that he has managed to worm his way in and out of the Vinegar Troops and his own OASIS group multiple times without others really noticing his true intentions.

Relationships with Other Characters

General Scotch

Snickers really despises Scotch, enough to make him hate the dude more than anyone else. He often tries to bring down Scotch's ideas, always refuses them even when they benefit Snickers himself. When he fights Scotch for real, he never holds back and tries to actually kill him, and will do anything to prove that he is the superior, more intelligent, and most powerful human in the world, forty steps ahead of him. This distasteful relationship between him and Scotch has made many people hate Snickers.


Snickers laughs at Oshelia and finds her a huge waste of space, and finds her as stupid as Scotch, but beautiful, therefore he will not kill her. When he tries to get around to killing Scotch, he waits for Oshelia to come about and see it.


The "in your dreams" love interest of Snickers. Snickers loves her, and I mean, a lot, and a lot. However, her being not interested in Snickers, always just messes with him just to get his hopes up, but doesn't have any interest in him - unknown to Snickers, who pesters her pretty often. This has gotten him into some stupid situations, but he always squirms his way out of them.



  • General Snickers was originally developed by snicks' brother but was taken over by snicks anyway.

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