General Scotch - Apawcalypse
Developer(s) Dreams Inc.
Publisher(s) Dreams Inc.
Platform(s) Wii U
Release Date(s)
Worldwide - September 5, 2015
Single Player


Genre(s) 3D Strategy Puzzle
Series General Scotch
Media Included Videogames

General Scotch - Apawcalypse is a General Scotch game for the Wii U, the game involves General Scotch using dogs to solve puzzles and advance through levels.


General Scotch is relaxing without any problems.....too bad that won't last for long, he gets a call from the army about how they need him for some missions, Scotch succesfully completes them all very quickly, he then gets another call, this time the army reveals that it was just a test to test his skills, and as a reward, he gets a whole month of vacation! Scotch is obviously surprised but accepts it nonetheless, i mean, nothing wrong happens in vacations, right?...........right?

One whole week has passed since then and Scotch is bored, with nothing else to do, he goes to an enormous camp where dogs are kept with care, this camp is called "Bloodhound Camp", while feeding the dogs, Scotch overhears some workers talking about a legend that says that the camp was built above the gravestone of a demonic creature resembling Cerberus, Scotch then notices how a big amount of dogs are gathering around in the center, he then gets closer and sees how thunder suddently strikes a jewel in the middle, and then out of nowhere, a powerful demon resembling Cerberus wakes up! The legends were true! The demon then breaks the jewel into a bunch of pieces and sends them flying before escaping, the workers tell Scotch that the jewel he destoyed was the thing that kept him sealed, so now Scotch will have to find all of the pieces to seal the beast once again!


The main goal of each level is to find 5 gem shards scattered across the levels, to find them the player must use dogs to solve puzzles, the Game-Pad is required to control the dogs, they can bite to attack enemies, as well as even carry Scotch if there are enough, Scotch can also do things on his own, such as using items to progress and at some point in the game you get Scotch's short sword to cut through locks. 

The dog management in this game is similar to that of Pikmin, you can get more dogs along the way and you can call dogs to you by whistling.


This game has 2 main modes, Single Player Mode and War Mode

Single Player Mode is the simpel Story Mode for one player.

However, War Mode is a mode where 2 players can battle it out with their dogs in special arenas based on the worlds, the second player must use the Wii-Mote and Nunchuck while the first player must use the Game-Pad.


Name Description Boss
Plain Plains Just like the name says! It's just a normal ol' plain, in this world you'll find lakes which dogs cannot enter but Scotch can. Catastrophius
Cannon Canyon This arid canyon is really big, good thing you have these cannons everywhere! In this world you mainly use cannons to progress, there are also falling platforms, so watch out! Petrarantula
Flame Forest Forests and fire do not get along, but somehow this specific forest does get along pretty well with fire, watch out for the fire as you travel through this forest of flames! FlamEnt
Core Caverns Oooh! Shiny caverns filled to the brim with beautiful crystals, too bad you can't grab 'em because you're too busy dealing with these heavy rock monsters! Crystal Golem
Bronze Buildings This giant set of abandoned buildings sure is, well, giant! And mazy too, in this world you'll get Scotch's short sword, which you can use to cut through locks and progress through these mazy buildings! Apartamonster
Volcano Valley This world is set near a giant hot volcano, the are around it is almost kinda like a wasteland, but that's not the only thing you'll see as you'll also have to climb and even ENTER the volvano itself! Phoenix King
Cerberus' Lair The last world! Cerberus' lair will put your skills to the test, with powerful enemies, puzzles and the fight with the beast itself! Cerberus
Special Skies A bonus world that takes place in the skies! This world takes place in the clouds, though there are some segments in which you'll have to progress in a hot air ballon. The Tornado Master


Name Description
Catastrophius A big cat like monster, to attack him you must make dogs attack it's paws, then he'll fall and your dogs will be able to attack it directly, but he can fight back by hitting your dogs with his paws or stomping them.
Petrarantula TBA
FlamEnt TBA
Crystal Golem TBA
Apartamonster TBA
Phoenix King TBA
Cerberus TBA
The Tornado Master TBA