You... cannot escape...
General Calypso, Super Mario: Recovery

General Calypso
General Calypso's art from Super Mario: Recovery
Current Age Unknown
Gender Male
Current Status Deceased
Bowser - Commander

Koopa Troop - General

Main Weapon(s) Energy Blasts
Vulnerable To Heat/Light
First Appearance Super Mario: Recovery

General Calypso is the reanimated spirit of a Koopatrol brought back to life using the energy found in Boos which makes them living spirits. General Calypso's first appeared in Super Mario: Recovery as a side villan along with Bowser, his commander, and Kamek.


Calypso's armor is much more darker than that of an average Koopatrol, his helmet is also much darker due to the influence of Dark Energy inside it and this is also the reason why he has a red aura around him. He also leaves a trail of where he has moved in the past few seconds, which lets him confuse his opponent.


General Calypso is a reckless warmonger, leading raids happily and laughing manically as Toads and other enemies are killed. He is prideful and would rather die a death from a simple Koopa Shell rather than fleeing from it, which resulted in his original death. Calypso is also dark and solitary at times, keeping things and plans to himself rather than telling the fleet in advance.


Super Mario: Recovery

In Super Mario: Recovery, Calypso served as the raid leader on the Mushroom Kingdom to obtain the Star Pieces. He is also the one to kidnap Peach during the operation, making him a prime target for Mario. Once you reach him in his keep, the way of defeating him is to first stun him with a Fire Flower ball, and then to blast him with a full charge ball. Once defeated Calypso's spirit will disintegrate into the air and will be lost once again.