General Blocky
General Blocky's Sprite
Full Name General SS. Blocky
Current Age 50
Gender Male
Species A big blocky
Current Status Alive
Class Villain
Main Weapon(s) His Scimitar (used in some games), Punching
Ability/ies Has wario's Strength, can jump really high
General Blocky is a Big blocky with red foot and a golden blocky head, with 2 castle blocks for arms, he is the leader/general of Blockys, he is hired by Bowser to attack the kingdom with Blockys 


General Blocky is a big blocky with 2 red blocky feets, he has 2 castle blocks for arms, and he has a big golden block for a head, he has a red big moss on the head, he has eyes under the moss (can only be seen through hacking in some games), The Moss grows in some games, covering his eyes, he always has an angry expression


He has his scimitar which is a green scimitar, with a dark red handle, the scimitar can be thrown like a boomerang

Game Appearance

Super Mario : Raving Rabbids

He make his debut in this game, he is the boss of Sugar Sweets Land, he hijacks a airship made out of Chocolate, with the propeller made out of Sugars, after mario is sabotaging the ship, he attacks mario by sending out blockys at him and will throw his Scimitar at mario, Mario must be Pirate mario, he must use his pirate sword to slice the rope behind mario that will release an anvil that will drop an anvil on General Blocky, dealing him damage, this method must be repeated 4 times for him to be defeated, after being defeated he will release the Jail Bird costume, which is a Red-White Striped Outfit, and a Prisoner hat with Red-White Stripes, he carrys a chain ball that is chained to Mario's Leg


  • His eyes can be seen through hacking (in some games)
  • in some games, he always carry his scimitar around and throw them.
  • He talks without a mouth, and always have an angry expression on his face in all games
  • According to the game manual of Super Mario : Raving Rabbids, he was popular, until his dreams got ruined by Mario and had to get revenge on him by hiring armys of Blockys, this is actually confirmed
  • He has the same age as the Evil Ice Boo, but he dosen't look older in some games
  • He has a dark version of himself which is Ykcolb.