General B. Lockstep
The General.
Species Blockstepper
World World 8C
Level 8C-Tank
Other level appearances
Preceded by MechaBowser
Followed by Bowser
First appearance Super Mario 3D Zone
Latest appearance Super Mario 3D Zone

General B. Lockstep (more commonly General Lockstep, sometimes General Blockstep) is a boss that appears in Super Mario 3D Zone. He is the boss of the second to last level (Bowser's Blockstepper Brigade), preceeded by MechaBowser and followed by Bowser himself. He is a blue Blockstepper who has been promoted to the rank of general. His hat has a general emblem on it. His mouth doubles as a Lock-on Bill Blaster.

He serves as the boss of World-8C (the core of World 8). He attacks by summoning an army of 20 Blocksteppers then promoting 3 of them to Sergeantsteppers. He himself also shoots Lock-on Bullet Bills (their explosions cannot harm Block/Sergeantsteppers) at the player character. Sometimes, the Blocksteppers will hide under their hats (immunity phase). General Lockstep will then jump and Ground Pound at the player (this is an instant kill attack). He requires 5 hits to go down. In his pinch phase (the last 2 hits), he fires Lock-on Bombshell Bills and will Ground Pound much more. Note that he is only hurt by Ground Pounding his head.

He reappears as the final boss of World-8X. The differences here are that he summons 30 Blocksteppers and will promote 5 to Sergeantsteppers. He also appears in World Star-9: The XYZone (the boss rush level of World Star). Here, he will promote 10 instead.


  • This is the only boss which is the species it's based on yet also is a sub-species of that very species (very confusing).
  • This is the only boss which uses more than 3 enemies in its fight.