General's Pieces
General's Pieces is a 2019 strategy video game with first person shooter elements developed by TimeStrike and released for The V². It was inspired by various games including Team Fortress 2, Metroid Prime, and Wario: Master of Disguise. It is said to be the game that solves the shrouded mystery of halted projects, especially those centering around General's Journey or its subseries, alike Split Personality and Nature Warrior, while also featuring guests from related series such as Sweet Invader and Gone.

General's Pieces revolves around the playable characters navigating their environments carefully and bombing the opposing team to be the last ones surviving the match, while trying to keep their own allies fresh and healthy. Players can choose from several weapons to use to navigate the fields and fill up their inventories with various items they can use later to gain advantages over their foes. Players can also make customized soldiers and characters to help them in combat.



General's Pieces takes place on a 3D plane, with the chosen character spawning from somewhere on the planet of Zonar.  From there, the players go around either shooting at other players or breaking up robots and aliens. Players can also expect to fight other important characters, or if they choose multiplayer (offline and online), they can fight human players that use actual characters or more notable aliens and robots.

All characters possess the basics of running, jumping, climbing, swimming, attacking (physically and otherwise), and rolling and dodging. However, some characters have their own unique abilities, like Oshelia can bend water to form platforms for her to climb and Pierce Hazel can float around psychokinetically to cross wide gaps. These unique abilities should not be confused with Overdrive attacks, which are a character's strongest move.

Matches against characters either happen defending a base or not defending a base. If defending a base, players stand front of home and attack residents from the opposing team. However, if not defending the base, players just need to kill each other. There can be additional rules, like capture the flag, freeze tag, etc. Regardless of what game is chosen or the rules, the surviving team wins.


Each character is categorized by Offense, Defense, or Support. Offensive characters are always out on the run, shattering through defense and obliterating the other team. Usually, they're countered by the support characters who have a variety of ways of defeating them. Defensive characters are bulky usually or display tactics that can be used to eliminate defense - but they're cornered often by offensive characters. Support characters are great against attackers with their wide strategy variety, but defense characters can wall them out.

Offensive characters often have high power, but when they don't, they have low power that comes out in rapid-fire. Defensive characters often have good bulk but can sometimes have shield tactics if otherwise stated. Support characters however, are kind of a mix between the two, or help out other teammates. However, regardless of which character is chosen, all have the capability to equip weapons and shields.


There are several weapon classes in General's Pieces.  They are separated by guns, bombs, bows, axes, tridents, rocket launchers, and more, and some weapons are exclusive to certain characters.  All weapons have a total of five levels; as the weapon gets used more, it gains levels, and when it gets to level three or over, the player can get the weapon upgraded to its next state and restart from level 0 with the weapon, but it's as strong as the level 5 form of the previous weapon.

The purpose of leveling up weapons is to increase their effects, help the player gain bonuses when the weapon is used, and the player becomes more adapt to using them.  To level up a weapon, the weapon must be directly used to kill someone or something, and after enough are killed, the weapon's preformance is increased by 1 level, often messaged to the player by the game about its extras.


Characters are capable of placing on an exclusive disguise that often change the physics of a character for the better. To go between normal and disguise, one should press down on the shoulder buttons.  The astronaut suit for Twix, for example, can lighten his weight, and double his jump distance. However, disguises often come with disadvantages, and the astronaut disguise decreases speed to 0.75x, which leaves Twix quite vulnerable to attacks.

Disguises often change up statistics and add weapons to the character for them to fight with, but do come with a disadvantage as said, and are not permitted to use in matches that don't allow them, and they aren't in competitive settings unless otherwise stated in custom rules. When allowed, the disguises are primarily used for extreme mix-up strategies, and can lead up to some really sneaky followups.


All characters have two summons; an Angel summon and a Devil summon. The former brings an angel to the battlefield that often does something supportive for the team, usually helping on defense, but the latter brings a devil and goes offensive damage to the opposing team, be it physical, magic, or status aliment implanting. The summons can only be brought to the battlefield if one prays at a temple for twenty seconds straight, which is pretty hard usually as characters are often active.

Summon, much like Disguises, are often not allowed in competitive play and are usually disabled unless otherwise stated. But if allowed, they serve the same purpose as disguises; clever set-ups that require everyone to be aware of what's happening on the battlefield, and to be on the eye out for the devil summons that can possibly kill them all in one blow.


Players can make customized characters and soldiers to be used in combat, and are the equivalent to Miis. However, they boast several customizable features, including several hats and clothes of all colors, and they go as far as being able to cut one's finger off or change breast size shall the avatar be female. Characters can also have custom strategies; like Offensive or Defensive or Support. When used, the characters can either be played as or be used as CPUs, and can be styled after other canon characters of the Lifts, or even after third party material.

Customized characters can be permitted in competitive, but there's often restrictions and the game will force the player to change the character or switch to a legit one if restrictions are on. Restrictions are for gameplay balance and to prevent someone from coming in and accidentally being ridiculously overpowered, ruining the competitive spirit. However, customizable features like colors are obviously not affected in any way.


As players go about in the matches, they can often pick up items that are categorized by weapon, food, value, and miscellaneous. Weapons can be equipped by certain characters to fight off foes better with an advantage, food is used to be eaten and gain nourishment, value items can be sold for a large amount of USA CASH MONEY, and miscellaneous items often have a variety of different purposes, and include bombs and flamethrowers and stuff like that.


In the game's shops, players can purchase other weapons, other food, and mini-weapons like bombs. USA CASH MONEY is collected around the battlefield and also obtained from defeating enemies and selling items, and is the primary currency. The owner of the shop is Xochitl, who is willing to do anything. However, sometimes Xochitl may not be there, and instead, one might witness Mallory in disguise, who has some really unsafe deals...


Character Description
[balanced] [default]

A general that's meant to be the balanced character, and is the main protagonist of the game's storyline.  Scotch is often recognized as the most well known hero of Zonar, having endured great wars and battles, and has fought aliens for a good portion of his life.  While not exactly the most successful and an alcohol addict of sorts, Scotch means well and never tries to hurt anyone except when commanded to by Admiral Twix, to which he with hesitation obeys.

As a balanced character, Scotch is meant to directly appeal to everyone, as he sports no crippling weaknesses and yet no true strengths.  Scotch has access to all weapons, although he can only use those of level one or two as a result of the game tantalizing the player and persuading them into using characters with strengths and weaknesses, promising rewards.

  • Alien Disguise: Scotch's speed is reduced by half, but enemies that hit him physically become stuck to him.  He can use an alien gun.
  • Umbra Blade: Scotch's special weapon, it can chop through anything in one hit, but has a short range.
  • Angel Summon: Brings Alco to the battlefield.  Alco makes a wave of beer that makes foes slip.
  • Devil Summon: Brings Ciga to the battlefield.  Ciga lights up a wave of fire, burning enemies in her path.
[offense] [default]

Unlike his brother Scotch, Snickers is rather disrespectful and comes off as downright rude, picking on people smaller than him and pulling out the big guns on those older.  In contrast to Scotch's heroic streak, Snickers is regarded as a "poor villain" because of his screw-ups regarding Keil and Scotch himself, but deep inside, he's very intelligent and has gotten through very tough obstacles over the course of his lifetime.  Also deep within him, he's a lost soul, confused between the ideals of hero and evil.

Snickers is on the offensive, using long range weapons like bombs and more close combat weapons like flamethrowers to burn up opponents.  Snickers' strength is in his great mobility, able to avoid attacks with a sort of ease, but his weakness lies in his terrible defense, which can be easily shattered if not handled properly.  Snickers has access to all sorts of explosive weapons and can use flamethrowers and guns, but isn't good with things like bows and arrows.

  • Angel Disguise: Doubles Snickers' speed in exchange for halving his weight, which makes him easy to knock around.  He can use a 100% accurate crossbow.
  • Rage Bomb: Snickers' special weapon, it can make all those it impacts Furious, which doubles offense but cripples their health.
  • Angel Summon: Brings Kuú to the battlefield.  Kuú reverses all status aliments of Snickers' team.
  • Devil Summon: Brings Shá to the battlefield.  Shá reverses the controls of opponents.
[support] [default]

Syande is far different from her two sibings, as she is a vampire unlike them and has been raised far away from them by a vampire instead of relying on her own skills and talents to live.  Syande has no real align, serving neither as a hero or a villain, but often helps out her siblings as she feels like it's right to help get them somewhere.  She tends to be absent minded, as she's not really aware of the world around her as much as Scotch and Snickers due to having been mostly isolated.

Syande is a supportive character, while she has weapons of all sorts, her main weapons draw health from foes and heal herself or allies, and can be stored up in mass amounts, making her a cleric to her team.  Her strength is in her high agility, but her weakness lies in her strength, which is definitely low.  While having utility in almost all weapon types, she has good accuracy, which makes bombs a must-have for her when she needs to attack from afar.

  • Drama Disguise: Doubles Syande's speed and halves her jump height.  Gives her a drama mask, which can be used to stun foes.
  • Sapper: Syande's special weapon, it drains health from enemies upon slashing them, healing Syande.  It can store the healtha nd be used on allies.
  • Angel Summon: Brings Dracula to the battlefield.  Dracula absorbs health from within a small radius.
  • 'Devil Summon': Brings Rob Zombie to the battlefield.  Rob Zombie plays a solo, which makes enemies shudder and hold their ears uncontrollably.
[defense] [default]

Oshelia is a user of water powers, and is one of the very few in the Lifts that happen to be human.  A benevolent human with a tendency to keep out of the field of battle and remain at the side of Scotch, one can mistakenly view her as harmless, but shall she be called onto the field of battle, she shouldn't be underestimated as she can attack just as easily as she cannot.  Her usage of water powers is impressive, able to use purified hot and cold water to her advantage, and can be too charming to really destroy.

She plays as a defensive character, able to form shields out of water and fire blasts of water to scorch enemies for burns, push them away, or increase her already good speed.  Her best ability lies in defense, able to tank attacks well, but her weak spot is in her weight, which is low enough for her to be tripped by a lot of moves.  Thanks to her benevolence, she doesn't really use weapons, but she can equip items that allow her to turn her water into weapons.

  • Mermaid Disguise: Halves Oshelia's speed on land, but doubles it in water.  Gives her a trident that can strike from afar with confusing pulses.
  • Sword Ring: Oshelia's special item, it allows her to turn her water powers into a hard hitting sword.
  • Angel Summon: Brings Aquis to the battlefield.  Aquis forms a whirlpool that spreads enemies away from Oshelia's team.
  • Devil Summon: Brings Magmus to the battelfield.  Magmus creates a lava tide that has the same range as the whirlpool from Aquis, but burns foes.
[offense] [default]

Brook is a laid-back and chilled man who's often mistaken to be a woman from the backside.  But once you see his front, you immediately see he's a bulky, strong man with fists that can pummel through doors and even walls.  He appears to be the most serious of the seven, more intent on doing his work than the others, and seems to be kind of resistant to happy stuff the most.  In addition to these serious points, he seems to know when to strike and attack, and when to defend.

Brook is on the offensive, using purely his strength to bash down on the other characters as well as aliens, and can equip gloves like boxing gloves to break them down.  His best attribute is strength and weight, both of which are real high, but his weakness is in speed, which is slow so to balance him.  Brook has little defensive and supporting tools, and needs to be played almost always on the offense for best results.

  • Warrior Disguise: Doubles up Brook's offense and defense, but lowers his speed.  Gives him access to bows and arrows.
  • Thorn Gloves: Brook's special weapon, gives a punch to enemies that pierces defenses.
  • Angel Summon: Brings Sam to the battlefield.  Sam forms an earthquake that trips enemies.
  • Devil Summon: Brings Cameron to the battlefield.  Cameron punches multiple enemies at once using portals.
[support] [default]

Mega is a tall teen possessing the abilities of storms via his Swordistormë weapon, generating thunderstorms and hailstorms from it.  He's pretty straightforward, and therefore predictable, yet he can also be stern and somewhat intelligent, so you have a mixed bag of personality.  While also pretty kind usually, he can't have the patience for those who can't think or respond quickly, and tends to be a bit impatient as a result.  His abilities and attributes seem to be affected by his powers.

Mega is a supporting character, able to freeze or paralyze foes with his weapon easily.  He can also attack with bursts of electricity or ice, but he has good priority in his aliment inflecting.  Mega sports no real strengths, but no glaring weaknesses either, making him a balanced character.  Beyond these, he can also shock his allies to make them paralyze on contact or use ice on them to speed up their movement, which works well on sluggish characters.

  • 'Skittle Disguise': Doesn't really change Mega's stats, but makes him floaty and allows him to eat free Skittles.
  • Swordistormë: Mega's special weapon, allows him to use electricity and ice in several ways.
  • Angel Summon: Brings Skittle to the battlefield.  Increases his team's durability.
  • Devil Summon: Brings M&M to the battlefield.  Increases his team's offensive power.
[defense] [default]

Keil can be described as somewhat annoying, irritating, and difficult to really communicate with thanks to how random she is.  She tends to kind of look down on others, but not in the bad way, her height makes her somewhat intimidating and as such others have to look up at her to see just her eyes.  Keil's life is affected by an internet persona, speaking using acronyms and internet slang a lot and tends to say a lot of memes that are on her mind.  Best known for random explosions.

Her role is ironically in defense despite the fact that she can hardly defend herself.  Keil's bombs are different than others' and are built so that they make an explosive shield around her, defending her from physical attacks and some forms of projectiles.  This defense can also be used to shield allies if they're close to her.  While great in power and speed in an ironic way, her defense is pretty low.

  • Snickers Disguise: Completely mocks Snickers' statistics and gives her full access to his weapons.
  • Six-Way Bomb: Keil's special weapon, allows her to attack completely horizontally and vertically in six directions.
  • Angel Summon: Brings Knuckles to the battlefield, who uses the power of the Master Emerald to grant temporary invincibility to Keil's team.
  • 'Devil Summon': Brings Edgeworth to the battlefield, who makes an objection that strikes and launches foes away.
[balanced] [unlockable]

Chip is a human who seems to think he's a real cat, and is...pretty malevolent, scratching others for fun and taking what he considers to be his territory, again scratching others that dare take things away from him.  He can be cunning and a trickster, and holds himself as superior to the rest of the team, but judging by most of the accidents he makes within the household of Scotch, this is actually false usually.  Chip is notable for being almost entirely silent, speaking via written signs.

Chip is balanced, although has considerably more speed than his other stats, which are all below average.  Chip's weapons are almost non-existant; what he does have though are gloves with paw-like features and revolvers, the latter of which he stole from Snickers' inventory.  He can be used to go on the offensive, defend others by keeping around them and attacking opponents that come nearby, or heal other team members by giving them his milk bottle, which he uses to heal himself with.

  • Devil Disguise: Increases Chip's mobility but lowers offensive power.  Gives him access to tridents and physical weapons like staffs.
  • Deep Fangs: Chip's special weapon, pierces through defenses entirely if he can land his attacks.
  • Angel Summon: Brings Chops to the battlefield, which makes meat fall for the player's allies and Chip himself to eat.
  • Devil Summon: Brings Hag to the battlefield, whom places burners everywhere that burn all enemies who are close by.
[defense] [default]

Commander Twix is the leader of the army Scotch, Snickers and Syande are all part of, and can be referred to as simply "the fat cop", often seen sitting on his butt doing jack squat.  However, he is a wise commander, only choosing certain tasks for certain people, and shows incredible discipline to those who disobey.  While a bit sassy and rude, Twix isn't all about being that way, and can go onto the battlefield if necessary and open fire on everyone around, always enemies.

Twix belongs to the defense class, although has many offensive properties.  This is because of his bulk, which is heavy enough that he can take many hits before going down.  While extremely slow, Twix has very good defense and offense, which double him up as a worthy ally.  Twix can fall over and roll across the ground as a living weapon, smashing enemies in his way and pushing them over.  Twix's weapons are often heavy weapons such as machine guns.

  • Wiggum Disguise: Lowers Twix's stats by just a bit, but grants him auto heal.  Gives him 360 degree guns on his belt.
  • Machine Gun: Twix's special weapon, cuts through enemies at alarming rates, can shoot multiple at once.
  • Angel Summon: Brings Jack to the battfield, who makes a large reflecting shield that rebounds projectiles.
  • Devil Summon: Brings Jill to the battlefield, who takes in projectiles and hurls them back at enemies.
[balanced] [unlockable]

Hershey is Twix's main assistant, although prefers to work alone, being an independent man.  Hershey is a top notch joker, almost always finding a moment to squeeze a good joke into a conversation, and tends to slack and be lazy.  But when he's not slacking or lazy, he's a hard worker, and builds mechs that he or his allies can use to gain the upper hand on the battlefield.  When joining Twix's army, Hershey is really the first person anyone would want to befriend.

Hershey is a balanced member, his Walk Mech having equal offensive power, durability, speed, weight, and handling.  Hershey often uses weapons that his mech can equip, mainly firearms such as flamethrowers and rifles, but can also equip standard weapons such as bows and swords, making it a multi-utility machine.  He can heal his foes using the machine's heal bombs, which explode in a radius that heals everyone...including the foes of this man!

  • Army Disguise: Lowers Hershey's speed by half, but increases his offensive presence.  Gives him guns.
  • Triple Gun: Hershey's special weapon, fires three guns that spread bullets in three different vertical directions.
  • Angel Summon: Summons Gold to the battlefield, who strengthens Hershey's tank's defensive power.
  • Devil Summon: Summons Titanium to the battlefield, who strengthens Hershey's tank's offensive power.
[offense] [unlockable]
[support] [unlockable]
[balanced] [unlockable]
[offense] [unlockable]
[defense] [default]
[support] [default]
[balanced] [unlockable]
[defense] [unlockable]
[support] [unlockable]
[offense] [unlockable]
[defense] [default]

Pierce isn't nice in contrast to Scotch, but like him, means well to most of his "friends".  Having grown up in a post-apocalyptic world, it should be no surprise that he's lived in a state of confusion and some hard times, as the most random of things tend to happen on his home planet of Hisplit.  Pierce is well acknowledged for his incredible usage of psychokinetic energy and how to use it in both offense and defense, and for the fact that he runs on three separate mindsets; himself, angel, and devil.

Pierce is a defense character, able to form psychokinetic energy to form a shield that rebounds enemies, and push enemies away with his attacks.  While Pierce sports good speed, his floatiness can render him helpless midair.  He cannot equip many weapons, but he is good at utilizing laser weapons and his aim with weapons is really good, although not the best as it's still a bit faulty.

  • Doctor Disguise: Doesn't really alter Pierce's stats, but can use a drill weapon as a means of offense, but it is a bit slow.
  • Psycho Knife: Pierce's special weapon, while it has a very long range, it doesn't do much damage.  Can cut through multiple at once.
  • Angel Summon: Brings Pieci to the battlefield.  Pieci creates a calm circle of life that heals Pierce and nearby allies.
  • Devil Summon: Brings Darine to the battlefield.  Darine tosses knives everywhere, homing the knives in on opponents.
[offense] [unlockable]

FDX83 is one in a thousand robots developed by Fandraxono and Zodiez as experimental toys to scan around the Fantendoverse to see if there's any more ground they could possibly cover, but 83 was lost in Hisplit territory.  After being found by Pierce, she joined him as an ally and eventually gained a true personality via Pierce putting a bit of his angelic soul into her.  Now an intelligent robot with positive feelings for everyone, FDX83 has vowed to never leave Pierce's side nor her friends' until time ends.

FDX83 is an offensive character, sporting extendable arms that can attack from a distance, but can also equip flamethrowers, guns, and other human-made weapons.  FDX83's speed, despite being a robot and therefore being heavy, is surprisingly high, but in irony her attack power is low, meaning that to be on the offense, she needs to hit with her arms multiple times.  To help with her offense, she can use rocket launchers and things like that.

  • Nurse Disguise: Doesn't really alter FDX83's stats, but she can utilize a long, thin needle to drain enemies' health for herself.
  • Glove Spikes: FDX83's special weapon, it adds offensive power to her arm attacks.  The spikes can be drawn out and withdrawn.
  • Angel Summon: Brings Xiane to the battlefield.  Xiane steals the effects of the nearest opponent's angel and uses it.
  • Devil Summon: Brings Bavine to the battlefield.  Bavine steals the effects of the nearest opponent's devil and uses it.
[support] [unlockable]
[balanced] [default]
[balanced] [default]
[support] [unlockable]
Black Eyes
[offense] [unlockable]
[defense] [default]
[offense] [default]
Scarecrow Kid
[balanced] [unlockable]
[support] [default]
[defense] [default]
[offense] [unlockable]
[support] [unlockable]
[balanced] [default]
[defense] [unlockable]
[defense] [default]
[support] [default]
[offense] [unlockable]
[balanced] [unlockable]


  • General's Pieces was going to be a set of small fictions, but it didn't go well.

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