General's Journey
Tactical roleplaying game with Fire Emblem elements and the like
Age ratings
ESRB2013TCERO B12Rating
General's Journey WIP Logo2
Part of the ZLIcon chronology
DEVELOPER(S) Scorpistar logo
PUBLISHER(S) Toroko2018
PLATFORM(S) V2LogoSmallglowBleakboxLogo
RELEASE DATES USAflag March 3rd, 2022
Flag of Europe March 10th, 2022
Flag of Japan May 5th, 2022
MEDIA / INPUT The V² optical disc / V² and bleakbox controllers

General's Journey is a tactical role-playing video game developed by scorpistar⭐ for The V² and bleakbox consoles, serving as a title vital to the Lore of the Zaxinian Lifts. The game features the chronological debut of Zaxinian Lifts star General Scotch and his siblings in addition to the Vinegar Troops, who serve as the general's specialized forces. With his unlikely crew and number of trusty, culturally varied allies, Scotch must battle the uprising Mallory and her rapidly expanding empire before the world falls into her greedy hands. As he fights off the increasingly powerful insomniac beast, Scotch must additionally reunite his family, pull together all the heroes he can for future battles, and begin what would become a rough draft for the Resistance.

Scotch must lead all his Vinegar Troops through the midst of war against allies of the Mallorian Empire, directing friends like Oshelia and Syande through battles while also recruiting allies over the journey like Silver Zin and Valerie Heartgold to assist him in combat. Scotch must command three allies out onto the battlefield with him while healing those in storage so that they may come in combat at any point, securing whatever scarce items he can find to heal teammates or empower them over the course of missions. While handling all this, Scotch must lead the charge at all times, choosing how to organize his on-hand allies behind him while bombing and totally annihilating Mallorian forces and buildings along the way. Battlefield objectives include seizing territory, capturing a valued tool or object, defeating a rough percentage of enemies, defeating a commander, and passing through a certain location from Point A to Point B.

On his way, Scotch gains a grand total of nineteen allies, with many of them being major characters that would later gain important story arcs in the Zaxinian Lifts lore. These include Pierce Hazel, Black Eyes, and even Strike Forger. All gained allies are permanent with a sole exception and promise to help Scotch fulfill his goal to break down Mallory and reunite the Caramel family to ensure peace and happiness for the Zaxinian Lifts for years to come - that is, until some years later. This game's story is highly vital to the whole lore - it introduces many characters to the Lifts lore and core cast, and many elements of its story (especially Scotch's background) would be continued in Shadows of Mallory and later on in Phase 2. It would also be the first game in the timeline to use multiple planets in the story.

The game has been rated ESRB T/PEGI 12/CERO B for its usage of strong violence and minor profanity, as well as additional suggestive themes. General's Journey was accompanied with an add-on titled Episode Snickers, an epilogue to this game with much tighter difficulty and gameplay.

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