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General's Journey is a 2017 video game developed by TimeStrike and published by Toroko for The V², serving as an official reboot of the series of the same name. It is a role-playing game bearing various similarities to Super Mario RPG and the Mother franchise, following General Scotch as he teams up with an unlikely crew in order to resist and overwhelm the rapidly building Mallorian Empire, which has plans to end the Zaxinian Lifts and reboot it into a single world where its immortal ruler is the permanent queen. Along the way, General Scotch must win back his corrupted sibling, reunite his family and put up with the hardships that his team brings to him.

General's Journey is a single-player RPG that features lots of interactivity. Scotch navigates the overworld with his crewmates in tow, with one partner always out. Scotch can use multiple abilities to interact with the overworld and utilize his teammates to open access to areas that he couldn't otherwise. In battle, the characters can time swift counterattacks to enemy moves or properly defend to take less damage, or tag-team with other characters to use more powerful moves. Featured in the game is a Recruit system, which allows the player to recruit enemies to be on the side until their defeat, although the various enemies have varying rates of recruitment. Characters run off of scrolling HP systems.

Throughout his quest, Scotch meets and recruits several major characters along the way, whom are his girlfriend Oshelia, good mate Mega, the wacky and obscene Keil, the rich Lifts president Valerie, the laid-back power fighter Brook, the depressed and anxious Syi, the flirtatious and awkward sister Syande, old-school rival Pierce, and revenge-hungry Xtise.  At times, vital character Snickers joins the party, but eventually separates each time for different reasons. Black Eyes shares this fate, joining and leaving the party.  Together, this party of ten (barring Snickers and Black Eyes) journey out to put an end to the cause of the evil, corrupted Mallorian empire. The story of this game is vital to the rest of the Lifts, as the events lead to the futures of every character here.

The game has been rated T for usage of strong violence and minor profanity, as well as suggestive themes. The game was eventually ported to the Pacifico, Zeta Nebula, R-Evolver, Display, and Knuckleduster systems, being TimeStrike's first move towards having multi-platform titles. General's Journey was accompanied in 2018 with an add-on titled Episode Snickers, an epilogue to this game with much tighter difficulty and gameplay.

Plot synopsis

temporary as a plot gets set up

Scotch Caramel was born into a military-rooted family with older siblings Syande and Snickers, and lived happily with them, although was always stressed out about the feeling of war. Scotch's father, Hershey, was the owner of a very large army that had yet to be used in a time of distress, and spent every day exercising his children and preparing them for such an occasion, fueled by paranoia. Tensions from school and lack of interest in each other's activities led to rivalries between the three siblings, causing them to fight and bicker all the time. They quickly grew from being friendly, social children to bitter teenagers who have different viewpoints over everything.

A sudden attack on Scotch's residence on his fifteenth birthday stopped a family brawl from happening, killing Hershey in the midst of the confusion and prompting the remaining four to split up. The mysterious Mallorian empire managed to kidnap Snickers, but the rest went off in separate directions. Scotch safely made it to the base, and after explaining what he could of the dilemma, he sent off some troops to find his family, more to battle the mysterious forces, and took the rest with him on his journey to reunite his family and overpower the destructive, world-changing empire.


General's Journey is a turn-based roleplaying game, with the unique distinction of being very interactive in comparison to most other RPGs. In the top-down overworld, Scotch can jump around the landscape, interact with NPCs, and use multiple abilities to get around the worlds. As the player progresses, they will earn more abilities that will allow them to get around even more. The player can talk to non-playable characters, earn items from treasure chests, encounter or battle enemies, or engage in puzzle challenges that require wit and courage to cross. A partner character will be following Scotch at all times once he gets his first; he can utilize that character's special ability in the overworld in order to open up paths/obtain stuff he couldn't otherwise, in a similar manner to Paper Mario.

General's Journey features three separate planets as its setting, with Zonar being the most prominent of them and Hisplit/Woodinn being important secondary locations. Zonar features mostly industrial settings with some desert locations, having the occasional sea setting. Woodinn features mostly haunted, supernatural locations that feature live scarecrows in place of actual human beings. Hisplit has a crazy atmosphere to it, featuring bloody or otherwise gory locations that are mostly built off of urban myths or popular horror stories. The main hubs of these worlds are Naxaz, Hynau and Blackstar, respectively. The Mallorian empire is set up in such a way that it actually extends across all three of these planets.

Through felling enemies or doing certain tasks, a player will obtain Army Stars, which are this game's equivalent to experience points. Collecting the required number will allow Scotch and teammates to level up, raising certain statistics (such as HP) permanently. By climbing to certain levels, the player will be brought to a new "rank", which would result in explosive increases to stats.  If a character has 1.6x the speed of an enemy or more, they can attack twice in a row, thrice with 2.6x the speed and so on.  Characters usually start out as Soldiers, then Lieutenant, Captain, Major, Colonel, and finally General. Scotch can be uniquely promoted to General of the Armies, the highest rank of all. Rank promotions always result in a change of character outfits, with each character going from their usual clothes to heavy armor or well-protected suits.

Completing certain tasks or defeating enemies often rewards the player with USA CASH MONEY or items too, common or rare. Items can be bought and sold in Naxaz's shop or in Blackstar's mall, with the former relying on trading and the latter relying folded dollar bills. Depending on Scotch's "reputation", there might be sales in the shops that decrease the price of items, allowing for a better chance for the playe rto purchase them.  The player can save by humorously contacting the director of the game through a phone in-game, who will often give them a subtle hint on where to go next. By finding Devina in the game's worlds, they can heal up their health and restore all SP.


When contact with an enemy is made, the screen fades out in a unique fashion and immediately throws the characters into battle, with their opponent(s) depending on the one Scotch made contact with. Depending on the way the enemy was encountered, the heroes or the enemies will attack first. If the enemy attacked Scotch, they will have the upper hand, but a direct hit from Scotch will start out a battle with Scotch's allies having an extra turn to fight. A normal encounter will have the first strike determined by the highest speed stat on either side. The two teams will continue battling until one side falls -- if all opponents fall, the player will receive Army Stars and perhaps a bit of cash/maybe an item, but if all the player characters fall, it's game over.

Four characters can be out at once on the battlefield.  All characters that are out are assigned to a single colored button, much like Mario and Luigi from the Mario & Luigi games, which simplifies attacks on the battlefield. If a button that isn't assigned to the character is pressed, it will be treated as an action cancel. Hitting the character's key button when an attack connects with an enemy will deal extra damage, or will continue the move. If an enemy comes to attack the player, hitting the button just in time will defend the player against the move, either blocking it out completely or lessening the damage taken. It's also possible to counter the attacks, but it depends on the move. If Scotch is not in battle, then he will hang behind the scene and be able to choose run away or set up his team.

The moves for each character are Attack, Defend, Team-Up, Items, and Tactics. Attack obviously allows the player to make offensive moves and dish out damage, and Defend enables the player to get into a blocking state and take even less damage when properly timed. In Team-Up, the player can have two characters team up to attack an opponent or do something to increase chances of success. From Items, the player can choose anything they got from stores or on-the-road treasure chests, or equip new weapons/armor, able to spend an entire turn changing their tactics. Tactics enables options such as being able to raise stats or use certain moves on the opponents. Moves exclusive to Scotch include being able to run away or change his team set-up.

Scotch has two options entirely exclusive to him; Leader and Recruit. With "Leader", Scotch can summon soldiers from his army to the battlefield and organize them so that they can attack foes or defend the core members of his team. While they have plenty of health, if any of them fall Scotch's "reputation" will be damaged, convincing others that he disposes of people just to fuel himself. The player can choose to excuse soldiers if they've done enough, keeping them alive and healing them by 33% of their full health by the next round. There are 50 soldiers overall; if they all fall, then Scotch's reputation will be at his worst and people will be more unwilling to help him than at the beginning of his journey. Recruit allows him to recruit enemies to aid him on his quest until they fall.

Power points are a vital element of gameplay, allowing the player to use special attacks or charge up certain weapons. Every character can use these, but they must first equip a Power Ring, a rare equippable tool. SP-powered attacks include elemental moves, moves that make use of extraordinary elements, supernatural abilities, and others that the ring's user may lack. There are only ten Power Rings overall to be collected in the game, one for every character, which allows for some insane set-ups. Depending on the character who equips a Power Ring, their special moves may be very different and have different degrees of difficulty being pulled off.

Equipment that are bought from shops are especially good at helping players out in battle. The "Attack" function, which normally is just a weak punch/kick/whatever, can have multiple weapons attached to it, allowing for more strategy and for way better ways to attack. Certain weapons have perks that can render them unusable under some circumstances, though. By buying armor, defenses are increased and occasionally bought armor will grant its user a cool advantage in field, such as armor that prevents critical hits or auto-healing tanks that can be equipped onto a character to increase their health/power points.


Bonding is an important and vital skill that must be learned by the player for this game.  Once the Love Ring has been obtained in Chapter 3 (and if its equipped), the player will be able to split the cast in factions.  If two characters share a faction, then they will bond as the turns progress and the more damage they do to enemies.  Their relationships improve even more if they directly help one another via healing or usage of potions to boost up statistics.  Depending on the turns spent together in battle and the help they've given towards one another in battle, they will gain "love points".  For every 30 love points, a relationship will "level up", and will stop at Level 5.

When two characters level up their relationship, they're able to use stronger variations of their unique special attack and be friendlier than usual to one another.  At max level, they will be essentially best friends and have some boosted stats when with their ally in battle.  However, if too much time is spent with another character, the relationship can sour and "level down" out of jealousy.  If a character damages their ally, a few love points will be sacrificed.  If they accidentally/purposefully kill their ally, the relationship will drop by a full two levels, which would really sting for those involved.

Unique events happen with certain pairings.  Scotch and Oshelia will be able to marry at Naxaz if at relationship level 5, changing their attire slightly to affiliate themselves with each other further.  Syi and Valerie get a little lovey and become very affectionate for each other if at that level as well.  Syande and Brook become very strong fighters together and gain advantages in stuff that they wouldn't normally have strengths in otherwise.  Mega and Keil become very good friends and become capable of annihilating small enemies in a single round.  Pierce and Xtise will joke around a lot and become actual friends as they fight.

Bonding does not work with Black Eyes or Snickers.


Sea Travel

After making it to the Sunny Shoreline for the first time, the player can meet drunken sailor Strike and take his offer to sail across the seas.  Once the player has successfully crossed to other locations, Strike will be waiting wherever there's docks and where an otherwise uncross-able sea awaits.  These travels are free of charge.  This also applies to the past; the player can meet a non-drunken and young Strike back then and take travels across the oceans.  However, travels in the past are not free and he must be paid a fairly small sum in USA CASH MONEY before the player can travel across the seas.

On the seas, the player can use the left thumbstick to move around and hold the red button to accelerate with Strike's ship.  The idea is to navigate around the tricky seas and find the port that leads to where the player's supposed to head to next.  Along the way, they can quicky visit shores / islands in order to collect money.  Large beasts rest in the sea that would be wanting nothing more than a battle with the player so it can eat them up or kill them for trespassing.  These can be shot or distracted with a horn using the green button (depending on the timeline).  If direct contact is made, the crew will be forced into a battle.

The player can anchor at sea and take a break when necessary, able to talk to their partners or to Strike and Marigold.  They can rest to heal health and restore all their SP when necessary, and store/take items out of Strike's drawers for future use.  Strike occasionally stocks his fridge with items; food is prominent in the past while weapons and armor are apparent in the present timeline.  When the player is ready to go off, they can unhook the boat from the sea floor and continue traveling.  Sometimes, if the anchor is dropped in a certain spot (usually dark patches of sea), enemies will climb up the ship and attack in hordes.

Time Travel

After the completion of Chapter 8, the player will be able to utilize a time machine in the town of Naxaz to go to the past.  The play of the game changes here: the player must travel back by about ten years to find the root of the Mallorian empire and attempt to disrupt it, but they're not allowed to be back in the past for long, nor are they allowed to be seen by anyone as their normal selves.  To prepare themselves for the past, the characters wear disguises that make them resemble Wasteland Warriors (which do not change stats).  While in the past, the players can trigger certain events to happen that alter the present for the better, and help out NPCs to improve their lives.

Enemy sets are different in the past.  As the Mallorian empire was not ready to reign in the past, different enemies -- notably wild beasts -- roam the landscape, and are tough to battle.  The party will have some odd encounters, too, such as fights with younger characters from the present, or brawl against invaders of the then-standing Rose Kingdom.  The landscape is different in the past too -- there are less barriers, but less bridges and the like to help the player across areas.  The player must be very careful in the past, as certain actions can change bits and pieces of the future.  As the director was too young to do calls back then, they will instead be able to call their mother to save the game.

Usage of the time machine has been sighted by a mysterious entity closer to the end of the game, forcing its creator Kit Kat to seal it off from Scotch and crew, but they can enter it by obtaining a very strong explosive weapon, where they can see a broken "future" button as well as broken "past" and "present" buttons.  As the player nears the end of the game, they might fight characters from the future, such as stronger versions of present enemies or incredibly tough characters that exist in the present time.  The time machine was not useless though; the destruction of certain elements in the past have allowed Scotch and friends to move on and do better against their opponents.

Fighter Dojo

After Chapter 4's completion, Acorn Knight will open the game's Fighter Dojo, which the player can go in to train.  The player will be soon sent towards the main fighting room, and can choose the difficulty of the matches in the Dojo.  Depending on the chosen setting, the enemies that will be pitted against the player have varying amounts of power and difficulty.  Easier settings typically have simpler enemies to deal with that don't have much power or pose as much of a threat, while harder settings include tough foes and eventually stronger copies of bosses already battled in the game.  Certain characters can be refought in the dojo.

Many characters from all over the Lifts can be encountered and battled in the Fighter Dojo, some of which are already NPCs in the game.  Some of these characters include Oyster the bartender from the Naxaz bar, Fandro the anti-hero from Dumpstar, Sheriff Bowie from the Western Forest, Winter Storm from the unexplored cold side of Zonar, and some special guests like Bang Crimson from the world below.  The idea is to introduce the player to various worlds and characters from around the Lifts and to give them real challenges to ight.  After enough foes are fought, Acorn Knight will challenge the player himself.

Alternatively, the player can choose to climb the dojo tower and battle floors of enemies without items, the idea being to make it to the tower top and obtain the treasure there.  A rare item will be gifted to the player afterwards.  On medium difficulty and higher, a boss will face off against the player once they make it to the treasure chest, often one that has been fought earlier in their adventures.  Without items though, it will be tougher to fight the boss and the attacks are generally more devastating.  As the game progresses, more difficulty levels become available in the dojo, and Acorn Knight becomes stronger and stronger.

Nubbling Garden

As with other major TimeStrike title Crimson the Roserade, the player can raise human-like virtual pets that are referred to as "Nubblings".  You can name them and mold them into wonderful, wondrous adult Nubblings.  Nubblings are more complex than they were in their previous appearance, changing and molding shape from both actions and set genes they already possess by birth.  Behaving nicely towards them will either pave the way towards an appearance of beauty or coolness.  They could become like sirens, or take a more bug-like appearance, but attempt to retain a cute appearance.  The character they've formed the strongest bond with will often influence their physical appearance and their personality.

Nubblings are extremely interactive and love to be held, pet, and paid attention to.  They fully appreciate whatever food is brought to them, although some happen to be allergic to / dislike certain foods.  Foods they love, however, will be quickly devoured.  The foods they're given will raise their stats and slowly change their shape depending on whatever traits the fruit happened to have.  For example, pineapples will give Nubblings a generally rougher and tougher appearance when consumed, while apples will give them a red, smoother appearance.  Some of the foods they consume can give them different color shades in certain areas like their arm and leg tips.  If certain "DNA drinks" are given to them, they will grow features such as wings or paws.

Nubblings have three stages of life, separated into "Child", "Teen", and "Adult".  Children require a lot of attention and watching, and the player can find the most about their Nubbling in this phase.  Favorite foods and best-known hobbies can be observed in this phase.  As Teens, they become more independent and show more varied personalities.  Some come off as vain, some come off as super friendly and follow the player around.  As Adults, they are the most complex in design and yet are still largely attached to the player.  Nubblings die after being observed for 48 real-time hours -- but time only passes in-game when the player is in the Nubbling Garden, so a lot of time can be spent with them.

The player can select between any of the ten normal party members to visit the garden with.  A Nubbling's first caretaker will likely be their one and only, and will grow the strongest bond with that Nubbling.  Through careful and well-thought out planning, they could grow stronger bonds with other characters, and take a variety of features as part of their appearance during their Teen and Adult phases.  If some characters spend more time with one Nubbling than others, jealousy can occur and things might darken up in the garden.  Therefore, spending time equally with each Nubbling is a good and rather vital strategy when it comes to taking care of one's loved ones.  Black Eyes and Snickers cannot visit the garden; claiming they have allergies.

Up to six Nubblings can be had at one time initially, but by purchasing little buildings for the garden, the player can have up to twelve.  The garden can be customized, with the player able to change terrain and the overall atmosphere of the area.  Nubblings do not care for the structure of a garden too much and are usually happy with it, but if something seems out of reach, they don't seem to be very content with it and will often seem to turn away from the player until its fixed, unless the Nubbling has a nature that defies such an action.  Nubblings seem to show general kindness towards each other and share, but some can be more hostile and fights can occur.  If fights occur, then the player should attempt to separate the Nubblings.

Separate save data is used for the Nubblings; if the player resets the game, they will not lose all their Nubblings.  The player can also choose to delete the Nubbling data to reset their garden.


General's Journey has a cartoonish, yet dark look to it, combining a non-realistic environment with gritty elements and features. The look of the game is fresh and hand-drawn, boasting a style that isn't far off from Shantae: Half-Genie Hero. As a result, the game sort of bears a resemblance to the Paper Mario franchise's artistic style, but does not emphasize paper-y elements in any way. The game features violent directions in various scenarios, with battles being bloody and somewhat gore-y as well as certain parts of the story. However, the game does not press on the violence and tries to keep it to some sort of minimum so it wouldn't be too distracting.

The areas that can be explored in General's Journey are often designed to be like tough puzzles, with multiple areas requiring the expertise of the player to be crossed. As such, acknowledgement of each characters' moves is necessary in order to pass through the game. The puzzle areas, when solved, normally lead to more or to certain important areas in the game, and on rarer occasions, awards or hidden-away rooms/enemies. General's Journey does have a linear plot to it, but there are many areas to explore, and the player is encouraged to look around in order to find secrets.

The soundtrack of the game is designed to fit each area, although a common theme shared by the tracks is dark/gloomy, like to resemble times of war. There are some happy and upbeat bits and pieces of the game too, but they are more uncommon and are usually restricted to world themes. Instead of utilizing highly complex music tracks for much of the available soundtrack, the game makes use of fairly simple music pieces for the stages, saving the more complex pieces for boss battles. A lot of the game's soundtrack is inspired by military themes and songs associated with war, in contrast to the more metal approaches that most other TimeStrike games take.



There are a total of twelve playable characters in General's Journey, with each character having their own unique playstyle and abilities.  They are the story's main characters apart from those in the Mallorian empire.


He can behave sternly and weirdly on edge a lot of the time, but Scotch is a passionate and helpful person who wants to do what he can to aid the world and its inhabitants.  He tends to get into all sorts of trouble; he drinks underage and has had issues handling his anger, but he means well.

Specializes in ranged weapons, able to use firearms and bombs extremely well.


Oshelia is a cheery and calm sailor from a distant land, having the unique ability to morph into water and also utilize it to her advantage.  She is the team's voice of reason, attempting to slide them out of trouble no matter what it takes.  She is very anti-war and tries to dissolve it.

Specializes in hydrokinesis and eventually cryokinesis, able to use them to her advantage.

Lv. 1; +HP, -SPE
Soldier Class
Lv. 1; +DEF, -OFF
Soldier Class

Mega is a straightforward person who likes to get as much done as he possibly can.  He often comes across as stern and a little naive, but he's usually gentle and trusting.  He has no patience for those who don't tend to think clearly, however, putting him at odds with some.

Specializes with melee weapons, able to slice and strike his opponents with ease.

Waifu keil

Keil is the strangest team member that Scotch has ever received for a teammate in his entire life.  Keil carries a wild, crazy personality backed with ignorance of all danger/safety measures and a great ability to totally insult/burn anyone around her.  Unpredictable and scary.

Specializes in randomness, carrying the ability to inflict any status aliment 10% of the time.

Lv. 1; +GUT, -DEF
Soldier Class
Lv. 5; +OFF, -HP
Soldier Class

A very laid-back young adult with super strength, Brook is a fiercely loyal member of Scotch's crew and posesses great courage.  Even in times of crisis, one is unlikely to see Brook worry.  Brook is quite intelligent, able to pick off locks and find the best path out of buildings.

Specializes in physical strength, with his fist-fueled attacks able to cause flinching/critical hits.


The sultry, well-respected president of the Zaxinian Lifts, she is a flirty and greedy woman that actually lost her home to the Mallorian empire.  Seeking revenge, Valerie joined Scotch's forces in order to regain her hotel and everything else.  She is nice, but a little untrustworthy.

Specializes in special attacks, with a bunch of her additional moves having tertiary effects.

Lv. 9; +OFF, -SPE
Soldier Class
Lv. 15; +SPE, -GUT
Lieutenant Class

Syi is a bitter, rather cold scarecrow that came from the bordering Woodinn planet.  She is cold and typically lacks empathy, and does not show trust in the others.  She slowly grows emotional and begins to cling to others as time progresses.

Specializes in aid, able to bring her teammates quickly up to speed and heal them up.


Syande is a vampire and the eldest of the three generals, boasting a foul mouth and a very simplified vocabulary.  She acts nice enough, but generally seems to come off careless and isn't very good with sensing others' pain.  When she can help though, she really tries.

Specializes in speed, able to rush around at super high speeds and attack twice in a turn.

Lv. 18; +HP, -OFF
Lieutenant Class
Lv. 25; +SPE, -HP
Lieutenant Class

A conflicted, pained boy from the bordering Hisplit planet.  He tends to be struggling with a lot of issues, with multiple personalities tearing his mind.  He has random mood swings and can be very dangerous.  When concentrated though, his psychic abilities are strong.

Specializes in multiple-attack moves, able to hit more than once every turn.


The last surviving member of the aliens that once took over Zonar, and their last great leader.  Having joined forces with Scotch for revenge, he is a brutal yet clever combatant on the battlefield.  He insults all the humans on his team, but he is willing to cooperate nonetheless.

Specializes in striking multiple enemies at one time in just a single move.

Lv. 31; +GUT, -DEF
Captain Class
Lv. 38; Balanced
Captain Class

...B-Black Eyes?  Really?  This extreme-level creep decided that perhaps joining Scotch would be fun! ...And give him answers!  Gross!  Jokes about his creepiness aside, he boasts lots of power and is really hard to bring down, but is so irritating and tends to attack teammates.

Specializes in high offense, defense and speed, but his attacks can attack teammates.


The mischievous, daring older brother of General Scotch, with the most disgusting personality to boot.  He appears to be snide and quite sarcastic, and has many strengths over Scotch's team.  Who is he now, really?  A manipulated child or an evil leader on his own goals?

Specializes in pyrokinesis, able to use it to his advantage on the battlefield.

Black Eyes
Lv. 100; OP
General Class
Level varies; +DEF, -GUT
General Class
Colored Minute by Exo

Minute is a cocky, self-indulgent man who thinks that he'll be able to fix everything with just a swing of his fingers, able to move and control time. He is a rebel, not wanting to follow anyone's rules. His ability to bend and move time is quite exceptional, allowing him to freeze foes.

Specializes in slowing the flow of battle, allowing attacks to hit easier on opponents. Optional character.

Colored Kitty by Exo

A really frantic fanatic of Valerie, doing whatever she can to get herself closer to her. Kitty is very protective of her "goddess", knocking anyone down with her ferocious attacks and hyper personality. Getting between her and Valerie is not advised, no matter what.

Specializes in immediately counter-striking foes when they attack her allies. Optional character.

Lv. 20; Balanced
Lieutenant Class
Lv. 30; Balanced
Captain Class



Elvis is just your normal item shopkeeper.  God bless.  He hosts items such as drinks and "novelty items" that the player can purchase from him.  He doesn't bite, but he can easily be shyed away.  If you threaten him, you can get prices lowered...for a reputation price.

He and that fatass Pecan can be found all across the world, selling items.


Unlike that thin-ass to the left, Pecan sells weapons and armor that the player can purchase, but tends to have higher prices.  If messed with, he will bite though.  Pecan is also responsible for selling illegal items, but these are pretty rare and are quite expensive.

He and that wimp Elvis can be found all across the world, selling items.


Originally the intended princess of the fallen Rose Kingdom, Crymsia is now just a really popular resident of the capital city.  She is very loving and caring, and can act somewhat childlike, but comes with a level of great aggressiveness at times and can behave rather naive.

She has a very vital role at some chapter; helping Scotch and friends deal with problems.


This scarred-for-life woman would just like a breath of fresh air, wanting to be away from the darkest corners of the world.  Unfortunately, that just won't happen for her.  She is very anti-social and tries to hide from society, going to great lengths to ensure her own safety.

At some point she follows the player around, fearing a beast named "Black Eyes".

Frink reshot

To say the least, Frink is an ordinary mailman.  After all, he can travel through time in case he forgot to deliver a package on time!  He seriously just lives for the sake of delivering mail, that's all that makes him happy.  He is nice enough, but doesn't speak and doesn't waste his time.

Frink will deliver mail to everyone's house in the game on a daily basis.  Read his stuff!


A cruel, rather sadistic person who manages Frink's job.  He's extremely obese and is fat enough to be treated like some giant bouncing ball.  He is rude and despicable, and means no good for the world.  He delivers hate mail and is jealous of the success Scotch's team gets.

Sends over hate mail and complains about stuff he's never touched or done.

Zodiez 1 SI

A goddess of "war", Zodiez is a supportive ally that acts rude and aggressive, but is willing to pass advice off for the player to take.  She claims the player and all the world's problems to be stupid.  She is the translator for her husband Fandraxono and tells them what he's saying.

Until she parts from the world, she translates Fandraxono's words for the player.

art is too wide for this space rip

The God of the Lifts, originally being impossible to comprehend and having advice that can't be clearly heard.  His words are translated for him by Zodiez.  He is generally kind, but displays a lot of fear towards the Mallorian empire, claiming they have tools he doesn't.

In the second half of the game, Fandraxono explains the crises of the world to the player.


An obese officer that blocks off the path to Naxaz until the general and his crew have proven trustworthy enough to enter.  Twix is stern and often jumps to conclusions way too quickly, and has a very difficult time getting along with others.  He yearns for sweets.

Twix serves as a guide, giving the player instructions on where to go next.


The super cute, super sweet assistant of Twix who manages the portals and pathways between the three planet settings.  She acts super anxious and is very protective of the player, not allowing them into certain planets until they have the proper equipment.

Kit Kat stands near the different planet portals, and also operates the time machine.

Kit Kat

Throughout the course of the game, the sea daredevil and real drunken Strike will offer to sail Scotch and his crew across the seas of the three planets.  His clumsiness and usual bitterness can really land the crew in trouble, but he gets the job done and always means well.

He usually sits near major docks and will offer to let the player travel for free.


A siren that coupled herself with the overly drunk Strike.  Hoo, boy.  She is very sultry and often flirts with the team on long travels, but she is very willing to help the player, able to heal the entire party to full HP/SP and save their progress whenever it's necessary.

She's often found in Strike's ship, but when things are in a fix, she'll swim the team to safety.


An amnesiac knight that seems to not know what he's really doing in the world, having dedicated his life to training others to become stronger until he could remember more of himself.  He is gentle, but can be rather fierce when the situation calls for him to be.

Acorn Knight serves as the master of the game's fighter dojo, and is its final boss.


A wild and rather short-tempered mountain man who serves as a polar opposite to Acon Knight: an angry man who can recognize any face and anything, possessing a powerful memory.  He has the odd hobby of collecting pinecones, which he uses in battle.

Pinecone Pete serves as an occasional mini-boss, always battling for unnecessary reasons.

Acorn Knight
Pinecone Pete

A good-natured explorer girl from a distant land, traveling with her gun-shy sibling Odell in search for a great treasure that was apparently once guarded by a great scorpion.  She is brave and would do anything in her power to help out Scotch's crew.  She has a great humming voice.

Maddison gives traveler's tips to those who explore areas they haven't before in the present.


The super-shy, often hesitant brother of Maddison.  He often does not speak much, but travels the world with Maddison in order to satisfy both of their exploration needs.  While timid, he is willing to face the great scorpion that guards a big treasure they both search for.

Odell stores items for the player in case they have too much, and can give them back later.


A curious and overly friendly adventurer who traveled with the likes of best mate Dustai until the invasion of the Mallorian empire stopped them both.  Even though totally gun-shy, she is willing to tell off everything she knows and gives tips on how to use advanced techniques.

Penny specializes in knowledge of the Zaxinian terrain, giving tips about every possible location.


Even though very dim-witted and lacking the intelligence needed to get out of certain messes, and blindfolded atop it all, Dustai is still the happy and spirit-filled companion of Penny.  He can be kind but really clumsy, and tends to stab himself sort of often by total mistake.

Dustai offers useless junk most of the time, but occasionally sells some of the rarest items.




Scotch's favorite hound from back home, Savior survived the infiltration incident and turned out to be happily living in Needles' care!  Savior will follow Scotch around after Valerie's recruitment, often barking at suspicious things and sniffing out evil foes.

Occasionally, Savior will dig away at the ground and pick up hidden items for the player!


Astri is a school kid with the uncanny ability to foresee potential in others just from staring at their eyes and learn how to combine others' abilities together.  She is very sincere and is not the kind to tell a joke, always getting straight to the point and not hesitating.

Astri teaches the player how to do combo attacks with their characters, which is vital later.


A master of cards, Kenkai is a kid living on the streets.  Through usage of cards and foreseeing the future, he can determine luck for the player and cast them a random effect.  He is very energetic and loves to tell jokes, but is kind of self-loathing and doesn't like his home.

As mentioned, Kenkai can predict luck for the player, and cast good or bad luck on them.


Epica is a lionhearted woman with great strength, able to knock foes out with deadly accuracy.  She is mostly a happy person who lives in the relatively obscure town of Brightmellow.  Along with her sister, she is on the hunt for the Mallorian forces that infiltrated her home.

She and Sarona can be temporarily recruited to battle Mallorian forces until they fall.


A very kind woman with surprisingly great agility and speed.  She is very protective of those she loves, especially her sister Epica.  She and her sister can utilize special clothing in order to use very strange, yet surprisingly incredibly effective attacks and moves.

Along with Epica, she can be recruited temporarily to battle Mallorian troops 'til she falls.


Oyster is a bartender that manages the local bar in the town of Naxaz.  She is extremely shy and does not talk much, and will only offer her services when calmed down and talked to in a nice way.  She is a nervous wreck around others and cowers in fear when approached.

Oyster offers a lot of history on Mallory's forces, and can heal the crew and restore all SP.


A metal musician who offers to save the game for the player when called upon.  The music she performs can be heard throughout the cities, with approaches to hard rock, heavy metal and general pop being heard in Naxaz, Blackstar and Hynau respectively.

As said before, when called upon Athena will offer to save the player's game and progress.


A creepy, playful woman who happens to be the leader of the Mallorian empire.  I mean, who else were you expecting?  She is very cunning and wise, able to lead her army with great precision and accuracy, but has taken a great liking to...scarecrows on her way.

As the main antagonist of the game, taking her down is one of the primary objectives.


Glain is a seriously messed up figure who can turn all those in her way into small dolls for herself to play with!  She is to be feared and lurks in the darkest areas of the maps, killing the player in battle if found!  Her scythe deals too much damage -- one must grind high to beat her!

Being Mallory's right-hand woman, she is another enemy.  She is fought nearly end-game.


A cybernetic goddess of death, able to travel through computer networks and travel from PC to PC.  She is responsible for the various computer crashes worldwide and can go outside the screen to devastate humanity with her shockingly powerful energy beams.

Devth is one of Mallory's administrators and is fought rather late-game.


Chelimax is an extremely powerful mage from the future who is more than capable of striking down entire armies in a single blow. He can easily dish lots of damage and put stops in anyone's effort to defeat his leader, Mallory. He is very cruel, demeaning, and rather abusive of others' thoughts.

He is one of Mallory's administrators and is fought rather late-game.


A lethal dark mage who was originally tasked to kidnap Crymsia under the orders of the "Zaxinian government" -- actually just Mallory throwing words into his mouth!  He's rude, doesn't get along with anyone, and has no friends. He's focused on trying to rule the world.

Nightshade is one of Mallory's administrators and is fought rather late-game.


A marvelous leader of a malicious group full of "edgy teens".  He lived on the streets until Mallory found out and learned of his trickery, hiring him and getting him to send up tricky obstacles for Scotch's team.  He is bitter and very resistant torwards our heroes.

He is one of Mallory's administrators and is fought rather late-game.


A muscular machine that was created by Mallory to hunt down and obliterate the Vinegar Troops.  He is very savage and has many attacks up his sleeves, and can cause a whole lot of trouble for the crew, but can be defeated easily if watery attacks are available.

Mechular is one of Mallory's administrators and is fought rather late-game.


Unlike the other antagonists, Skorp does not work for the likes of Mallory and is attempting instead to guard his great treasure, which was an unused hydrogen bomb.  He is swift, very difficult to combat thanks to his use of sand, and is relentless with his motions.

Skorp is a major boss battle and is faced by Scotch, his crew, and the two spelunkers.


The lurking Thing That Should Not Be is a dangerous beast who lurks in the darkest corners of the world.  It is encountered almost primarily in the present time.  It cannot be defeated; the player must run from it if they wish to live.  It kills the party in a single turn.

If one feels the monster's presence, they must turn away and flee.  No exceptions.


A Mimikyu that was given the job to pose as Scotch and wreak havoc in the present time.  It attempts to frame Scotch for multiple disasters and has a team of nine other Mimikyu that have disguised as the rest of the crew.  It is very stubborn and will not go down without a fight.

Mimikotch and his crew serve as a major boss fight in the game, being end-game bosses.

T. T. T. S. N. B.

Tag-Team Attacks

In General's Journey, the player can choose to tag-team two characters together in order to use more powerful attacks than normal. These are alternatively referred to as "Duo Attacks" and often use BP from both fighters. However, it only consumes one turn and allows the other character to have their own turn, which can also be used on tag attacks. These can be used to end some battles faster or get the player out of a critical fix. They should not be abused though, for they often consume SP, which is sometimes also used for normal attacks or even healing.

These moves will be explained on each party member's statistics page.

Scotch Scalding Blast (Oshelia), Explosive Rain (Mega), Bubblebomb Pop (Keil), Scorching Floor Burst (Brook), Lover's Assault (Valerie), Sacrifice (Syi), Sibling Rush (Syande), Freeze Frame (Pierce), Firework Combat (Xtise)
Oshelia Scalding Blast (Scotch), Cold Edge Combo (Mega), Deadpool (Keil), Tsnaumi Burst (Brook), Water Balloon Frenzy (Valerie), Solidify (Syi), Blood Wave (Syande), Whirlpool Doom (Pierce), Armada Support (Xtise)
Mega Explosive Rain (Scotch), Cold Edge Combo (Oshelia), Hail Bullet Storm (Keil), Storm Breakout (Brook), Rainy Day (Valerie), Thunder Charge (Syi), Flying Zeus Assault (Syande), Supersonic Wave (Pierce), Thunder Terrain (Xtise)
Keil Bubblebomb Pop (Scotch), Deadpool (Oshelia), Hail Bullet Storm (Mega), Heartbreaker Combo (Brook), Ship Sail (Valerie), Whiplash (Syi), Kooky Showdown (Syande), Psycho Control (Pierce), Cross-Contamination (Xtise)
Brook Scorching Floor Burst (Scotch), Tsnaumi Burst (Oshelia), Storm Breakout (Mega), Heartbreaker Combo (Keil), Power Disruption (Valerie), Bull Run (Syi), Human Bullet (Syande), Iron Man (Pierce), Dual Slash (Xtise)
Valerie Lover's Assault (Scotch), Water Balloon Frenzy (Oshelia), Rainy Day (Mega), Ship Sail (Keil), Power Disruption (Brook), The Judas Kiss (Syi), Girls' Night Out (Syande), Silver Arrows (Pierce), Commander Launch (Xtise)
Syi Sacrifice (Scotch), Solidify (Oshelia), Thunder Charge (Mega), Whiplash (Keil), Bull Run (Brook), The Judas Kiss (Valerie), The Ingrain Effect (Syande), When Hell Freezes Over (Pierce), Royal Forces Unite (Xtise)
Syande Sibling Rush (Scotch), Blood Wave (Oshelia), Flying Zeus Assault (Mega), Kooky Showdown (Keil), Human Bullet (Brook), Girls' Night Out (Valerie), The Ingrain Effect (Syi), Blood Twister (Pierce), Lunar Laser (Xtise)
Pierce Freeze Frame (Scotch), Whirlpool Doom (Oshelia), Supersonic Wave (Mega), Psycho Control (Keil), Iron Man (Brook), Silver Arrows (Valerie), When Hell Freezes Over (Syi), Blood Twister (Syande), Meteor Swing (Xtise)
Xtise Firework Combat (Scotch), Armada Support (Oshelia), Thunder Terrain (Mega), Cross-Contamination (Keil), Dual Slash (Brook), Commander Launch (Valerie), Royal Forces Unite (Syi), Lunar Laser (Syande), Meteor Swing (Pierce)


The Naxaz Shop hosts several "Badges", which can be equipped onto a character to give them extra benefits in battle. For each new rank a character takes, they can equip an extra badge. This means that all characters can equip five badges, besides Scotch who can equip six at once due to his extra rank. Badges can provide a great number of different advantages, yet some can come with unwanted effects that can potentially hinder doing certain tasks.  These are not vital to the story and do not necessarily need to be equipped, but they're designed to make the adventure just a bit easier for the player.

Note that only two "[Effect Master]" badges can be equipped at one time.

Balance Money King Temper Kooky
Averages out the user's statistics whenever equipped, which can be useful in many situations. With this badge equipped, the USA CASH MONEY earned at a battle's end is increased by 1.5x. Upon being hit with a critical hit, the user's strongest stat will double up for the rest of the battle. Gives attacks a 30% chance to cause a random status.  Does not affect attacks with effects.
Explosive Vampire Death Magnetic Assault
Solo physical attacks from the badge wearer gain explosive effects, hitting adjacent foes. If an enemy is hit physically, half the damage inflicted will be used to heal the badge's user. Increases the chances of an enemy attacking that character, making them a "target" for those attacks. Increases DEF and lowers POW with 25%+ health, but the opposite occurs when health is low.
Intimidate Coward Quick Impression Headstrong
Has a 90% chance of lowering the POW of weak enemies and 30% towards strong enemies. Makes running away from normal yet real tough enemies 100% possible, at the cost of lowered DEF. Allows the user to do a DEF-piercing slash/shot attack before the first turn begins. When a status aliment affects the player, their POW, DEF, and SPE all increase by 1.5x.
Item Hog Refund Linger Neglectment Sales
Allows the player to use two items at once in a single turn without any consequences. 15% chance of receiving a freebie of an item that they just used in battle, unless there is only one of it. Doubles the duration of certain item effects, but also doubles status aliments set on the player. If some items have been largely unused through the game or for a while, they go on sale worldwide.
Quick Analysis Brutal Ambush Swiper Quick Change
A pre-battle analysis will allow the player to make out the full HP of an enemy without scanning. If one gets an opportunity to ambush, the wearer of the badge will have attack increased by 3.0x. Gives the bearer of the Swiper badge a 20% chance of stealing the opponent's item. Allows the player to switch around their partners without using up a turn, allowing for quick fixes.
Zombie Feel Reconstruct Caution Diamond Head
Even if the partner has no health left in battle, they will be able to automatically use normal attacks. If seven turns pass without being revived, the partner will rise up from the floor with 15% of full HP. When equipped, attacks that hit multiple targets do not affect the bearer of this badge. Physical attacks that hit this character get reflected for a cost of 50% the normal POW and SPE.
Hyper Iron Man Glass Man Spring Man
Allows use of the Hyper command, which increases attack power by 1.8x for a single turn.  Uses 1 turn. Sharply increases DEF but considerably lowers SPE.  Different SFX is used for the bearer of this badge.   Significantly increases POW but severely lowers DEF.  Different SFX is used for this badge's user. Sharply buffs SPE but cuts POW to low levels.  Different SFX is used for those who bear the badge.
Scorpion Werewolf Spider Crow
Blades and other sharp tools gain a 20% chance to poison what they come in contact with. Heals the user every turn if the moon is out.  OFF, DEF and SPE increase by nighttime hours. Forms a spidery web around the user, which lowers SPE of opponents who make contact. Sometimes if an enemy drops food, they'll drop twice the amount if this badge is equipped.
Love Experience Fury Recall
Doubles the speed of relationship bonds between the badge's bearer and anyone else. Increases Army Points received by the end of a battle by 1.5x.  Cannot be stacked. Increases the chance of critical hits occurring for that character.  Does not buff critical hit damage. Automatically recalls a soldier from battle if it has been badly wounded.  Only one soldier at a time.
Wide Blade Wide Shield Crimson Land Indigo Sea
Allows the player to cut at an entire team of foes at one time, dealing lots of damage.  Uses two turns. Lowers the damage taken from team-wide attacks by about 10%.  If anyone uses the badge, then it's 40%. Forms dry land terrain around the user.  Attacks gain fiery effects that can sever nature. Forms watery terrain around the user.  Attacks gain water effects that can douse fiery foes/attacks.
Zonas Sinicini Adexene Vitch
Physical attacks have a 20% chance of making foes flinch and unable to move on the next turn. If the player succeeds in attacking, POW goes up, but if they fail, all stats go down. All attacks that are sent out are capable of hitting multiple targets without a problem. With this badge equipped, stealing anything from its bearer will be downright impossible.
Bowie Ashe Flare Windi
Equipping this badge will make projectile-reliant attacks very easy to pull off and do. Equipping this badge will stop water and fire attacks from working properly on the user. 30% chance of dodging attacks when the user's health is low.  Enables fire resistance. Lowers the damage of four important elemental attacks: fire, earth, water, and wind.
Swan Touch Negative Touch Immunity Heat Control
All non-boss enemies that tap a player with the Swan Touch will be defeated automatically in 10 turns. Contact with the bearer of this badge will lower all of one's stats by one stage for three turns. Stops poison and paralysis status conditions from working on the bearer of this badge. Stops burn and frozen status conditions from working on the bearer of this badge.
Big Weight Feather Weight Thwomp Stomp Bullet Battery
Roots the user to the ground, lowering speed.  Strengthens moves based on low speed. Lightens the user, buffing speed.  Strengthens moves based on and are benefited by high speed. Eases attacks that involve jumping, giving more time to react, but descents are heavy and fast. Allows the bearer to attack twice in one turn, but at the cost of taking more damage from attacks.
Pyro Master Elec. Master Cryo Master Venom Master
Gives physical attacks a burning effect that has a 20% chance of burning enemies on contact. Gives physical attacks an electric effect that has a 20% chance of paralyzing enemies on contact. Gives physical attacks a freezing effect that has a 20% chance of freezing enemies on contact. Gives physical attacks a poison effect that has a 20% chance of poisoning enemies on contact.
Confusion Master Down Master Heal Master Recharge Master
Gives physical attacks a strange effect that has a 20% chance of dizzying enemies on contact. Gives physical attacks a strong effect that has a 20% chance of lowering POW, DEF or SPD. At the end of each turn, the player will heal up to 10% of their full health, with 5% being the minimum. At the end of each turn, the player will receive up to 10% of their full PP, with 5% being the minimum.


General's Journey sports a wide, varied world with all sorts of locations to be explored, with a multitude of different themes used across the environment.  The player mostly visits locations on the Zonar planet, but it is possible to explore both Hisplit and Woodinn, where some of the game's plot takes place.  Naxaz, Blackstar and Hynau are seen as the capitals of these different planets, respectively.


Naxaz City

A highly populated city that serves as the center hub of General's Journey.  There are a wide variety of different buildings to be seen here, from a district containing Valerie's mini-metropolis, a large shop that sits near the center of the town, various homes that host different Zaxinian Lifts characters, the remains of the once-standing Rose Kingdom, many old villain bases that became museums or famous locations of sorts...Naxaz is the perfect center town.

In the past, the area seems to be a little smaller, being the property of the then-standing Rose Kingdom.  There are definitely not as many roads and some buildings were not built yet, and Valerie's district did not exist at that time.  Many areas that were once blocked are now accessible thanks to the lack of certain barriers at the time.  The area is much more hostile than its version in the present though, with many enemies lurking in the town where there used to be none at all.

Items: Enemies: Bosses:

Blackstar is a giant, bustling city that serves as the capital of Hisplit.  The Blackstar area isn't as large, but is very maze like and is very easy to get lost in.  The area is quite hostile, with many maddened humans corrupted by various means attacking the general's crew on sight.  In terms of popular attractions, there is a run-down hospital, a shrine to the once-existing Zyvoline, a mall that takes up a good portion of the city, and a neighborhood that is incredibly dangerous to cross.

In the past, Blackstar was apparently not much more than a black forest with quite a few buildings sparsely located through it.  There are many enemies/NPCs here that will attempt to scare the player or totally unnerve them through many means, and it's generally harder to make it to certain areas.  There is a large hole, however, where the mall stands in the future, which may or may not contain some answers for Scotch's crew.

Items: Enemies: Bosses:
Hynau Town

Hynau is incredibly quiet and appears to be almost completely deserted, despite its fairly large size.  Out of the three hubs, this is the most dangerous, mainly due to the large bottomless pits that fill up the town's design.  Buildings are located on various mountain tops as is the rest of the city, with the town split into many different sections due to this.  What exists of NPCs are scarecrows, which will attempt to help the player find their way through.

Hynau didn't even exist in the past, with the entire area nothing more than some natural mountain landmarks.  It's not hostile though, for no enemies exist in the region whatsoever regardless of time period.  It is just significantly tougher to travel from peak to peak due to the lack of ziplines.  It's important to visit the Hynau in the past though in order to restore the Hynau of the future, removing it from the Mallorian empire's control.

Items: Enemies: None Bosses:

Zonar Landscape

Maha Desert

A scorching hot desert region that holds the base of operations for Scotch and his family.  The Maha Desert in the daytime is very hot, with a blistering sun that deals small bits of damage to characters over time.  The area is quite hilly, with various sandy mountains that can be climbed with ease and plenty of deep valleys where the sun can't really reach.  Residences are uncommon in the desert, but resemble pyramids or shrines most of the time.

In the past, it doesn't seem to be much different, but there are now more trees and less buildings to be seen.  Water is more abundant in the desert than it was before, and the heat is not as bad as it is in the present time.  However, enemies are much more commonplace now thanks to the safer heat levels and the lack of human civilization in the immediate area.  The Maha Desert had an underground passage that couldn't be explored in the present due to being filled up.

Items: Enemies: Horrutt, Cactattack, Westat Bosses:
Sunny Shoreline

A very popular, yet rather uninhabited region of the Zonar planet.  From sailing, the player can visit a great number of different regions spread across the shores.  Depending on the part of the shoreline the player is on, the enemies will differ as well as the difficulty.  Occasionally, the player will have to push down palmtrees to make bridges or utilize some water talents in order to open up the different areas of the Sunny Shoreline.

A civilization has lived in this area in the past, explaining to the player the different puzzles that guard some secrets, and after being explained to about a threat in the future, they will help Scotch get to these secrets in order to beat the Mallorian empire.  There are several wooden bridges located in the past that don't exist in the future, allowing the player to enter areas that they wouldn't be able to in the present timeline.

Items: Enemies: Bosses:
Hex Forest

The Hex Forest is a sacred region of Zonar that is inhabited by witches and magical monsters, being said to be the source of the magical beings of the Lifts, perhaps being the origin of famous monsters like the Echeno.  The area is hostage to multiple puzzles, and completing certain puzzles will take the general and his crew to totally new areas.  There are some witches here that sell a few items, but most are hostile and will definitely attack the player on sight, seeing them as intruders.

In the past, the forest isn't actually much different from the present, although there are no rivers to speak of so it's easier to cross the land.  There is also an unused haunted caslte on the edge of the forest that can be visited, tying into the lore of the Thing That Should Not Be.  By handling certain puzzles, one can see new sheets of paper that outline the true potential of the game's various playable characters, even the temporary ones.

Items: Enemies: Bosses:
Mushroom Valley

A lush, lively valley with various wild animals roaming about, although it also is subject to an enormous battlefield and is the primary place of conflict for the Vinegar Troops and the Mallorian empire.  The player can bounce on mushrooms to reach higher locations and venture through short caverns to reach the different corners of this valley.  Some areas seem to be accessible at first, but the tides of battle will often result in the destruction of the "bridges" that lead to those areas.

Mushroom Valley is much different in the past, with all troops being absent.  There are also several shrines which the player can use to change the local seasons.  Different seasons means different ways to cross the area.  Bodies of water can be frozen and walked across in winter while water slides can be taken appropriately in the summer.  Spring breezes can lift the player to new locations and autumn opens up new locations for the players to see.

Items: Enemies: Bosses:
Peaceful City

The name of Peaceful City is quite a misnomer, with this area being a burning city with nowhere safe to run!  Fantastic.  The player must escalate burning buildings, save local residents, and stop Mallorian forces from destroying the town.  By utilizing water, the player can drown out fires and enter new passageways.  Aliens and waste-infected enemies are particular obstacles for the player, and pose a major threat with their status-inflecting conditions.  There are a few shops here.

In the past, the area actually lives up to its name, being a very peaceful area with no enemies to speak of, only kind residents.  The player can interact with several elements of the city to affect the future, and put an end to various different hazards in order to affect the city better in the present timeline.  If all things are fixed up, Peaceful City will actually become peaceful in the present!  This means having a safe area to walk around and a very useful shop.

Items: Enemies: Bosses:
Shiver Temple

An extremely cold palace hidden far underground, being tied to various myths around Zonar, once having been used as a base for the Mallorian empire's operations.  The player will skid across frozen lakes, shut down multiple forms of machinery, and attempt to gather as much information about the empire as possible.  Shiver Temple has a very tough selection of enemies, so the player should take extreme caution while traveling through here.

The Shiver Temple of the past is much more dangerous, with security patrolling all over the area and attempting to detect intruders.  It is not as cold as the present-time version, but it's way trickier to survive here thanks to the wide variety of hazards.  The further one descends, it will become warmer and warmer, and the player will start to come upon Mallory's home -- a house of mirrors with her and her bedroom in the very center.

Items: Enemies: Bosses:
Nightmare Grotto

Nightmare Grotto is a very long cave that connects the Maha Desert with Mt. Grouch, and is very difficult to endure, with rising and falling lava levels and varying beasts with different power-ups.  Out of all the enemy selections in the game, Nightmare Grotto has one of the least intimidating casts, but they are very scary and rather difficult to beat down.  Perhaps the most intimidating part of the cave is how maze-like it is -- getting to the end is very tiring.

In the past, the cave was actually not a cave, and rather an underworld where dinosaurs roamed.  This is perhaps the most dangerous area of the game!  Located nearly two-hundred miles under the original cave floor, the player must carefully walk their way through the cave in order to reach Mt. Grouch.  At the end of the more straight-forward dinosaur world, the player can press a switch that causes a giant rock to appear from underground, serving as a new bridge for the present grotto.

Items: Enemies: Bosses:
Mt. Grouch

Mt. Grouch is an intimidating region, being a tall and winding mountain with some small buildings hanging around the area that the player can use to accomplish several tasks in.  The volcano occasionally erupts and sprouts lava, which can ruin bridges or send the player packing further down the mountain.  At the top, they can descend inside the mountain, forcing them to head through a volcanic section.  Mt. Grouch's inside has a portal that leads to a bit of the Mallorian empire's base.

In the past, Mt. Grouch never erupted and actually had a large city around it that was burned in the present time.  However, the enemy sets here are extremely hostile, and can very easily beat up Scotch and his crew, although they're not exactly as tough as the dinosaurs.  Despite not having blown its top, the player can take small entrances into the mountain and destroy some of the Mallorian empire's devices or shove vital members down into the fiery pits.

Items: Enemies: Bosses:
Abandoned Defense

Hidden far under Naxaz, this abandoned base was once the home for an ancient alien civilization, but they must have been obliterated by human forces.  While acknowledged as abandoned, it still has some residents, mainly Mallorian troops that hide some very vital weapons here.  Most of the area cannot be explored in the present, requiring the player to go to the past in order to get to these tools, and either take/destroy them.

In the past, it's still not very active, but it's easier to explore.  The player can enter the various rooms of the defense and try to navigate their way to the end in order to press a switch (and break it), shutting down the barriers in the present time.  If this switch is pressed though, a bunch of enemies will begin roaming the area, which are mechanical security devices that will try to bring Scotch and friends down.  The weapons can only be found in the present time.

Items: Enemies: Bosses:

Hisplit Landscape

Atomic Wasteland

An acidic hellhole that happens to be where the whole Hisplit planet dumps all its garbage!  A very dangerous place to cross, with the characters' health going down bit by bit the longer they stay in this corrupted land.  To cross, nuclear cans must be knocked over and the player must figure out how to drain rivers of radioactive waste.  Bombs must occasionally be triggered to open up paths to new locations.  The people who live in the area are typically insane or bear strange appearances.

In the past, the area was once just a furtile grassland with a power plant in the near distance, with life around the area generally healthy.  There are no toxic rivers and just about everything is safe to touch.  The power plant is moderately dangerous, but not as fatal as the present-time wasteland.  The plant is an enormous maze, but if certain switches are pressed throughout, the wasteland of the present becomes safer to cross and certain areas can be reached.

Items: Enemies: Bosses:
Venom Valley

A very unpopular location notorious for its poisonous creatures, dangerous physical structure, and lack of stable land.  Scoprions and familiar desert elements are common throughout the area, but there is no sunlight and things are extremely cold, to the point of slowing the player down due to parts of their body freezing over.  There are several poison puddles that can be stepped into and many acidic gases that can trouble the player if walked into.

The Venom Valley of the past was even worse than in the present, lacking any safety yet being the location of an old military base.  This base must be entered in order to find goods and destroy an enemy that happens to be invincible in the present time.  Enemies are more abundant here and there are no human settlements whatsoever, making it uninhabited apart from the base.  This is the most dangerous and most hair-raising area on the planet in the present timeline.

Items: Enemies: Bosses:
Enchanted Wood

Enchanted Wood is a dangerous, strange forest with purple and red trees everywhere.  Every year, people get lost in the wilderness, often meeting death when ventures go too deep into the forest.  The players must search for visual cues in order to find the correct path through the forest, or they'll end up at the beginning of the forest maze.  Magic is an element of th eforest, being displayed in its enemies.  It looks in an...awful state though, having its life sapped away from machines.

The wood does not change much in the past, with the difficulty of the maze being even tougher and even more lack of civilization.  It is very difficult to cross the Enchanted Wood in this state, but if the player makes it to the center, they can find a beanstalk that will take them to what was once an old shrine of Fandraxono's.  Certain areas of the wood also harvest very rare plants that will heal the player's party by a great amount.

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An unusually silent palace with very creepy vibes to it.  It was the original shrine of the deceased Zyvoline, and is a maze of mirrors and puzzles which are just about guaranteed to put the player in deep frustration.  The player must carefully navigate through the CastleShrine, preventing themselves from stepping in traps that would summon enemies from nowhere and put the team in a sticky situation.  Disturbing realms exist here, from pits of sea monsters to a magical maze.

In the past, the CastleShrine was more of a perilous location, with enemies having been rampant here before they were cleared out by the Mallorian empire.  The enemies must be ducked and dodged due to their sheer strength.  All the doors and rooms are available in this version of the CastleShrine, and some of the best items are hidden away here, but it is a test of skill and logic on the player's part, and requires the best of one's mind.

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Woodinn Landscape

Forbidden Sea

Sitting north of Hynau is the forbidden sea, which must be crossed in order to visit the other lands set in Woodinn.  It is undoubtfully perilous, with many high-level sea creatures lurking about in the sea and just waiting to pull the player down to their doom.  The Forbidden Sea is home to many whirlpools that teleport the player around, posing as a simple maze.  The darker areas of the sea have a great chance of encountering monsters than in the lighter places.

The area does not change much at all in the past, possessing the same basic layout.  However, a rocky wall that once blocked access to a secret passage is no longer there, allowing the player to travel through that area.  The passage leads underneath the sea and has the player encounter several abnormalties, including the widely dreaded Thing That Should Not Be.  To open the final area of the passage, the player must place down the Five Severed Heads.

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Christmas Island

Despite the cheerful name, the area is a creepy, low-population village shrouded in a great number of mysteries as well as darkness.  Several of the scarecrows know of a deep secret, but refuse to grant access to it until the player can help them solve mysteries regarding the island.  Most of the cases here are either about murders or surround the work of Mallory's gang.  The scarecrows' secret is related to the entrance of the off-limits Sorrow Farm, where their "queen" resides.

In the past, the area was severely more populated and no mysteries were present for the player to solve.  However, the Sorrow Farm cannot be accessed through this place outside of the present.  Christmas Island offers a lot in the past timeline, and one scarecrow will lead the way to a strengthing human -- whom later became part of the Mallorian empire later on.  Christmas Island leads to the Puppet Palace as well, which resides to its western side.

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Puppet Palace

The Puppet Palace is the birthplace of the Mallorian empire, and was once the base of operations for it.  The area is largely deserted, and the entrance to the inner chambers is closed off by steel.  However, with the placement of a powerful bomb, the area becomes explorable.  Down in the palace, the player moves around by swinging from strings and controlling mechanical puppets across small puzzles.  Many marionette-like enemies reside here.

Ten years prior, it was the main headquarters of the Mallorian empire, and was actively used by many peoples, including Mallory herself and her administrators.  As the area was intended to be off-limits, the player must NOT be caught or they will battle fights that they cannot win, unless they are absurdly high-leveled.  The area has prominence later in the game, with battles here able to lower the threat of Mallory's forces in the future.

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Sorrow Farm

East of the Christmas Island is the Sorrow Farm, which is also the birthplace of something: the scarecrow species.  The Sorrow Farm is an entangled mess of vines that must be cut and sliced through in order to reach the very end.  The area is very straightforward in comparison to the other places the player can visit, with an extremely perplex labyrinth full of vines and levers waiting for the player.  At the end resides the queen of the scarecrows, who rests on a shrine.

In the past, the Sorrow Farm was much less overgrown, and the queen was different.  The area is not aggressive whatsoever in this time period and everyone happens to be rather friendly towards the player, with a few exceptions.  In this time period, the player can speak to a younger Syi, who remembers some things that the older Syi does not.  This is vital for the story, as Syi has lost some of her memories not long before joining Scotch's team.

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Colorless Stronghold

The absolute final area.  The Colorless Stronghold is the planet-spanning, earth-shaking final area for the team to cross into.  Every player should prepare for a nightmare course, with extremely strong enemies for breakfast, the worst and most daunting obstacles for lunch, and brain-boggling quizes for dinner.  For dessert, the player will have to engage in combat with the final bosses, and as the icing on the cake, they're almost invincible!

This stage makes use of time in a totally different way.  General Scotch and his allies will find that some areas cannot be explored in one of the timelines, so time travel must be used in order to cross certain areas.  There are many wormholes present in the Stronghold thanks to abuse of time travel from both the work of the general's team and Mallory's forces.  Nail all the obstacles and make it to the end in order to battle Mallory!

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Various shopkeepers throughout the game host different items that can be purchased for use.  Unlike in other games, there are only shops in two locations: Naxaz Shop and Blackstar Mall, which contain different varieties of items, and the amount of items they sell increases with the player's progress throughout the adventure. Weapons and Armor can be found on each character's subpage; each character has their own dedicated protective suits.

To see the list of items, please click here.


There are a total of 250 enemies that can be encountered throughout the game, as well as 50 boss battles (including rematches).  These are logged in the player's logbook and contain statistics and information if scanned through Scotch's special "Enemy Scanner" in battle.  Additionally, 20 unique battles are recorded in a Dojo log, which is included within said logbook and includes special enemies that aren't battled outside of the Dojo.

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Upon the release, TimeStrike revealed the composing team for General's Journey. Various of the composers have previously worked on Sonic Heroes have composed original works for this game. Some of these people include Jun Senoue, Naofumi Hataya, and Yutaka Minobe. The company have also sought permission from the director's favorite bands to use some of their music, including Black Sabbath, Iron Maiden, Alice Cooper, Poison, and Rob Zombie. The major songs were all included on a single disc, but a rerelease featured all the game's music, which was divided into two discs. The first disc focuses on character themes as well as world themes, while the second disc features battle music and various SFX. Both discs contain collections of event music.

The soundtrack to the game consists mainly of hard rock, heavy metal, and several related genres. Most of the soundtrack is militaristic and centered around war, and many of the tracks boast somewhat simple sound. Various major tracks in the game's soundtrack are complex, specifically designed for boss battles or very important events. Songs from other genres are often utilized for the game's worlds (at points) or used in some areas of the menu / its options. A deluxe version of the game's soundtrack includes promotional songs released for the game. This includes the promotional song "Bullet Man", a song released by an anonymous band who only refers to themselves as the "Vinegar Troops", which named themselves that in support of the game. The promotional tracks were released on a compilation album acknowledged as "General's March".

Track listing

  1. "Bullet Man" ...Theme of Scotch
  2. "The Peacekeeper" ...Theme of Oshelia
  3. "Stormbringer" ...Theme of Mega
  4. "Chaos Amok (Not Fixin' It)" ...Theme of Keil
  5. "Freedom Soldier" ...Theme of Brook
  6. "Irresistible" ...Theme of Valerie
  7. "No Rest for the Convicted" ...Theme of Syi
  8. "Ain't a Damsel, Dear" ...Theme of Syande
  9. "Am I Evil? (altered cover)" ...Theme of Pierce
  10. "Mommy's Little Satan" ...Theme of Snickers
  11. "When Hell Freezes Over" ...Theme of Black Eyes
  12. "General Offensive" ...Theme of Xtise
  13. "War All Over 'Til It's Over" ...Battle Theme 1
  14. "Ares Get Yer Arse Outta Here" ...Battle Theme 2
  15. "Show No Remorse" ...Battle Theme 3
  16. "Metal Conflict" ...Battle Theme 4
  17. "Corrupted Ally" ...Battle Against a Rival
  18. "Fight Fire With Fire" ...Battle Against a Minor Boss
  19. "Threaten No More" ...Battle Against a Major Boss
  20. "To Fell a Soldier" ...Battle Against a Mallorian Admin
  21. "Mr. Darkside" ...Battle Against General Snickers
  22. "Unsettling Face-Off" ...Battle Against the Final Boss




  • This is probably the seventh reboot of General's Journey, making it the project that has been rebooted the most out of those from TimeStrike/Goddess Studios.  It has seen multiple versions; as a fiction, as a game, as a television show, a diary, and more.  Some of these weren't particularly shown on Fantendo.
    • The Adventures of General Scotch, renamed to General's Journey after a suggestion from a friend, was the first version of the product and was a game.  It was quickly scrapped.
    • General's Journey existed not much later as a fiction, and was also scrapped following poor reception from critics and fans of TimeStrike alike.
    • General's March was later pitched as a game, but was scrapped.  Some of its concepts made it into this version of General's Journey instead.
    • General's Outlook was intended to be a television show, but lack of ideas and a lack of time made this project get pulled as well.
    • General's Journey later was rewritten as a fiction all over again, but without any idea as for where to take the story, this idea met the same fate as its predecessors.
    • General's Pieces became the main focus after that, and moved through plenty as a game, but its lack of progress and unsure direction were the reasons why it was scrapped.
  • General's Journey is made up of a diverse and unique cast, with multiple characters coming from multiple different users.  Notably, Oshelia and Brook were created by Drebbles (tbc), Keil by TirAmySu (tbc), Mega by Kirbymariomega (tbc), Snickers by IndigoFusionbolt (tbc), and Acorn Knight by WereWaffle (tbc), amongst many more.
    • Several of these characters originated from different projects, be them existing or scrapped:
      • Pierce comes from the scrapped Split Personality.
      • Valerie comes from the Sweet Invader video game.
      • Syi originates from Lurking in the Dark, which was tied to the Split Personality lore.
      • Black Eyes originates from the horror game The Reminder.
        • Interestingly, all of these four characters were meant to be exclusively tied together, but had to be separated into their own projects to prevent things from being too complex.
  • While taking inspiration from Mother / Mario & Luigi, it happens to have a lot of Fire Emblem inspiration, taking pairings and various weapon types into mind.  This is mostly due to Fire Emblem being only one of a few RPGs that the director has played.
  • The theme for General's Journey is "War Pigs", which was written by British heavy metal band Black Sabbath in 1970.  This is the third time that theme has been used to refer to the project, with General's March and General's Pieces having utilized it as a theme before.
    • It also shares the theme with fighting game Masses, also developed by TimeStrike.
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