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Gemcraft:Horror around Earth(GC HAE) is a gemcraft game that focuses on Gemcraft series,but this time,horror things will happen.(NOTE:Fictional)Made by Hexible and Armor

Gemcraft: Horror Around Earth
Developer(s) Hexible,Armor games(Minor)
Publisher(s) Nintendo
Platform(s) PC Steam
Genre(s) Strategy
Age Rating(s)
T for having some blood,horror things.
games.Published by nintendo.Released on PC.



Commander Andre Harra

Andre Harra is the Main protagonist of this game.He is a man that learned alot from Gem crafting.In the Intro of the game,it shows you about his flashback.


25 years ago,There was a peaceful city,filled with People like him and such animals in Farms.

His Mother(Juila) decided to go to the Medical center with his father(Anton) for Birth.Her Uterus is very aching in that time because the baby is almost born and large.Juila hesistates Anton to quickly move.Arriving at the hospital,Juila felt too much pain due to a Bleeding in the Uterus.If she is not treated after 28 minutes,she will die.At her room,A caserean surgery is performed to her instead of pushing the baby out.After birth,she named him Andre Harra,but there is still 1 problem,her uterus is bleeding,so the Doctors are unstitching the Stitched incision to find out what is wrong.They found that one of her Uterine arteries are damaged,so they try fixing it.5 days later,A deadly disease has been detected in the Baby.He died after his heart is overfilled with blood,because there is no enough time for the doctors to do it.

What happened to his baby heart?

The Aortic valve created Raphes around the 3 flaps,which causes a blockage in his heart.Oxygenated blood overfills in his Left ventricle,which ruptures after it became to big,and ran out of blood.

The doctors continued the surgery to replace his dead heart and his brain.They absorbed the endorphins,which will cause the Neurones to function again.Dead parts of the brain has been replaced with the new ones,fortunately,he did not think anything in his memories.After the heart is repaired,they injected blood into his arteries,which will mix with the type of blood when he was born,and then,the muscles recharge,The brain becomes more active and they revived him in just 24 minutes.Drugs were also injected to him.

1 year later,the city is attacked by the unstable core inside the planet.People were frightening around and Juila decides to take Andre to a ship.Finally,they reached the Space cruiser and asked to go in there.As the Space cruiser goes out,It is attacked by the Forgotten's army by monsters.The army killed everyone except for the 3.Fire started roaming around the ship, and his Mother decides to do suicide.His parents say the last words to him,and died.1 Hour later,The escape pod landed on Earth,which he meets the People and wizard.The Wizard decides to teach him how to do Gem magic.


So as Horror arrives,everyone tries to save the world,to defeat the forgotten.

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