Gem Flower
Gem Flower
The current appearance of the Gem Flower
Item Type Status
Kind of Item Flower
First Appearance Unknown
Gives Mario Rainbow Armour
  • Allows Mario to create Gem Shields
  • Allows Mario to shoot Gem Bolts
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 The Gem Flower is a Flower-Based Powerup in the Mario Series. It gives Mario several abilities including two defences and an offensive attack. It has yet to appear in any Mario game thus far.


The Gem Flower has a relatively simplistic appearance, it has a crystal shaped head which has the six major colours of the rainbow reflected off it. Its eyes are hexagonal in shape and have two triangles on the end of each eye. It has a thick dark grey stem that has two pairs of three closely packed leaves. These leaves each reflect one of the aformentioned six colours of the rainbow. The middle leaf of both pairs is larger than the outer leaves.


When Mario obtains a Gem Flower it turns him into Gem Mario. In this form Mario obtains the powerful Rainbow Armour, a crystalline style armour that protects Mario from certain projectiles, primarily Fireballs & Iceballs. It doesn't protect Mario from physical attacks and physical projectiles such as Rocks however.

In addition Mario gains two abilities, the ability to generate a Gem Shield that reflects projectiles back at their sender as well as providing a platform if released. This Gem Shield is roughly 1.5x Mario's Height and forms a large hexagonal shape. The Gem Shield doesn't protect Mario from direct contact and can be broken down by Axe Bros. The other ability Mario gains is the ability to shoot bolts of Gemstone. These bolts are diamond in shape and can be fired at a high rate to provide close range projectiles. The bolts break upon impact with a surface and explode releasing the energy within if they hit a target. There is one exception to this in which if a bolt lands on icy floor it will slide until it hits a wall or enemy.


  • The Gem Flower is fairly rare as it is quite powerful against most common enemies, it usually requires the player to bring another Power-Up into a level that doesn't use that power-up
  • The Gem Flower has seven special Coloured variants. These variants have the same abilities as a standard Gem Flower although give Mario a single colour for his Rainbow Armour, Gem Shield and Gem Bolts
    • Of these seven variants only the Onyx Gem Flower isn't visible on a normal Gem Flower or the respective components for Mario


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