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Geki's original artwork
Full Name Raigeki no Arashi
Current Age 27
Gender Female
Species Thunder Oni
Location Cloudpeak
Main Weapon(s) Spiked iron club
Ability/ies Electrokinesis


Above-average strength and endurance

Vulnerable To Water

Anti-yokai weaponry

Geki is a character developed by Pyro Enterprises. She is one of the primary protagonists of an as-of-yet unrevealed game, referred to in house as Project Yokai.


Geki is fairly aggressive, much like all thunder oni, and tends to act dramatic or get ticked off rather often. She's extremely loyal to those she's close with, but tends to remain on edge around anybody else. She is known to have an extreme heroic and adventurous spirit, typically jumping at the first chance to fight or rescue someone, even if there's something more important at hand or it could be deadly.

She has a deep-seated hatred of discrimination against yokai-kind, and will fight Yokai Hunters unprovoked if given the slightest bit of a chance.




Like all thunder oni, Geki possesses electrokinesis of extreme power, letting her absorb, redirect, and discharge electricity at will. Geki is fairly blunt with this power, rarely using it for anything other than direct assault.

She is also rather well-trained in combat, and possesses higher-than-usual strength and endurance for a yokai.


Project Yokai (tentative title)

Geki is referred to as a primary protagonist of the in-development game.

Project VD

Geki makes a non-canon appearance in Project VD as a playable DLC character, alongside fellow Pyro Enterprises characters Fera and Dolli.


  • "Geki" in Japanese translates to "assault" or "attack".
    • Her full name, Raigeki no Arashi, translates to "storm of thunder".
  • Geki is only capable of limited English, and primarily speaks in Japanese.



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