Geki's original artwork
Full Name Raigeki no Arashi
Current Age 25
Gender Female
Species Yōkai
Location Cloudpeak
Main Weapon(s) Spiked iron club
Ability/ies Electrokinesis, Flight, Above-average strength and endurance, Intergalactic travel
Vulnerable To Water

Anti-Yōkai weaponry

Geki is a character developed by Pyro Enterprises. She is a Yōkai warrior queen who wanders the cosmos, in search of both powerful warriors to help her in her race's cause and to learn about cultures across the Pyroverse in search of growth and spiritual enlightenment. Though not tied to any project in particular, she is an important character in much Pyroverse content.


As is typical among Yōkai, Geki is a fairly hot-blooded individual who craves adrenaline and the thrill of battle. Despite this trait, Geki is calmer and more subdued than most of her kind, which she owes to the responsibility of being a noble, causing her to act boisterous and encouraging without being overly violent or energetic. Geki rarely holds back from combat, acting as a courageous defender who aims to protect the weak from those who would take advantage of them.

Geki gets along well with others, bonding easily and becoming extremely loyal to those she becomes friends with. In contrast, her attitude does tend to drive people off, essentially amounting to the queen having a small circle of extremely close friends.

Like many Yōkai nobles, Geki is an honorable woman who respects the strength and heart of a person far more than any other attributes they would possess, acting respectfully towards anybody whom she doesn't deem weak. She stays to a code of combat honor she herself has drafted and forces her clan to follow, essentially demanding fair and dignified combat regardless of stakes. Geki effectively cannot cheat due to this, the very concept foreign to her mind.






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  • "Geki" in Japanese translates to "assault" or "attack".
    • Her full name, Raigeki no Arashi, translates to "storm of thunder".