Gearworks FC
Nicknames The Ravens
Founded 2011
Rivals N/A
Ground Le Puc D'or Outdoor Stadium
Manager Waddel Dii (tbc)/DisturbedCrow (tbc)
League Season 3
Home Kit See Below
Away Kit See Below
Third Kit none
Last Season N/A

Gearworks FC are a team in the Fantendo Football League. They mainly consist of characters from The Factor series and are one of the most defensive teams in the FFL Season 3 League. Their captain is their left midfielder and Raven Industries head, Malcolm Leychester and their manager is Waddel Dii (tbc).


First established in 2011, Gearworks FC mainly consisted originally of Drones, Leychester and several other mercenaries. After a while other players such as Antares and two Slimebots joined the team, thus making it a full accepted team for the league.

During the beginning of the league, Gearworks were off to a slow start, during the first 4 fixtures they had either tied or lost, however they managed to pull through and managed to gain a 6-win streak. The next several matches were varied, although one of the highlights was the 2 victories over Royal Atlantica, some matches pulled them back.


Coming Soon


Gearworks FC fans have generally branded a rivalry against Team Flame-Scotland. The reason being the fact that both Gearworks and Flame-Scotland had been fighting for the title, and should Gearworks have drawn or defeated Flame-Scotland, they would have earned the title. Which they are constantly taunted about during season 4.


Formation 4-4-1-1
Manager Waddel Dii (tbc).
GK Behemoth Drone
RB Sentinel Drone
LB Antares
RCB Augusto Mendez
LCB Scoutry (vice-captain)
RM Pyro Drone
LM Malcolm Leychester (captain)
RCM Cole
LCM Alec
AM Slimebot
CF Lerson Grayn - (on loan from Team Lios Lions) Striker




EIEIEIO up the Fantendo Football League we go,

When we get the title this is what we'll sing:

We are Gearworks, super Gearworks, this is what we sing... (repeated)


They share rivalries with the other Fusion teams.


  • In The Factor, the stadium name is actually La puc d'or Hotel and Casino.

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