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Gearupt Studios is a company founded by SuperLuigi22 (tbc). It currently has one member. Gearupt Studios is a company owned by Nintendo, so Gearupt Studios only make Nintendo Games. Gearupt Studios also Helped in Making the Wii 3, and other Consoles for Nintendo.


Gearupt Studios has made 2 Consoles for Nintendo So Far:

Gearupt Studios

Gearupt Studios Logo

Wii 3: A New 3D Wii that has a 3D Gamepad and is able to record gameplay to post it on the New Miiverse. It has sold really well, with 20 million Wii 3s sold.

Nintendo Jupiter: A New Nintendo Console with Stunning Graphics and Amazing Controls and Gameplay. This is used with the Jupiter Controller, which looks like a gamecube controller, but with more buttons, and more easy to control.


Gearupt Studious has also made Nintendo Games, and Gearupt's own Series, Lemmy Wildcat.

Lemmy Wildcat (Games)

Mario Battle

The Legend of Zelda: Queen's Yard

The Legend of Zelda: The Melody of Sorrow

Super Mario Sunshine 2

Super Mario Galaxy 3

Kirby's Air Ride Xtreme

Mega Man 9

Pac-Man Dungeon

Mario Extreme Sports Mix

Splatoon 2

Metroid (Wii 3)

Super Smash Bros. 5


Conker: Blood and Saw

Duck Hunt Gallery

Ice Climbers

Balloon Arena


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