This is mostly randomized and thus does not reflect your opinion nor my own, and is only used for stimulation, so do not take it seriously. Its all YMMV, too.

Yeah, even Meta-Form need to say carefully about any of these audience reactions.

  • Base Breaker : Meta-Form himself, of all robots. Many loves him for his unique power and being lighter and softer compared to other Fantendo characters, while others found him too angry (although there are those who are worse) and would prefer King Kube KiloBot or even Mr. Stelog, or even the titular hero's partner, Cubey.
    • Doppelight is this, too. Many loved him for being a doppelganger not based on generic elements, while others found him rather scary. Then there are some who love him to be scary that way.
    • In Kirby & Magolor: Huge Trouble!, Mr. Flash is this. Some found him an interesting third member of with Mr. Shine and Mr. Bright, although other found him too overwhelming and is very irritating to face with, especially with the latter two.
    • Same goes for Gourmet Dragon, who is loved by those who found him a fierce but funny dragon, but reviled by others for looking goofier compared to the other Giant Bosses.
  • Ensemble Darkhorse : Cubey is generally this for being Adorkable and also for not being an annoying assistant. Instead of constantly telling something that Meta-Form have to do, he only do it once in a while and actually makes himself useful by becoming a bazooka or a shield. Ever since, he becomes a playable character in the sequel and thus is called the "Not-Really Annoying Partner".
    • Boxing-Xire is this, too. His recklessness and selfishness usually results a Hilarity Ensues situation, and can actually fight on his own. It also help that he often being careless of what he is saying and caused awkward result for his rival and himself alike (unless if it is with KiloBot, which the result would be less pretty...).
    • How about Slanito, the villainous Toad of Super Mario Team-Mania? Yeah, you heard that; he is a villainous Toad. Many fans were glad to see a different villain for once, and his personality and his way to attack are also unique. The only thing that does bothered the fans is that he is responsible for causing Bowser a temporary Villain Decay, although it doesn't last long.
    • Exateno, oh god yes. Not only he is a clever mastermind by toying with Kirby and company by putting a warm-up fight and then deliberate Omega Zero to distract them, but he also deliver a monstrous yet epic fight, and his Giant Battle that uses Inhale and Copy Abilities like Kirby, as well as being a massive serpant-like beast, almost no one else would be able to engage such epicness as much as he does. It also helps that he bring back many, many bosses we loves.
    • Eagle Slash is also this after that Dyna Blade will also be in Kirby & Magolor: Huge Trouble. He was initially a Scrappy Replacement of the latter one, but once she was announced to return in the main game, and that Eagle Slash is actually pulling a different boss battle, fans started to warm up with him and it is agreed that he is Rescued from the Scrappy Heap.
  • Evil Is Cool : King Kube KiloBot, hands down. He is scary, intimidating, imposing and yet a father-to-his-men not being called the King of the Bad Bots for nothing. He was weird in the prequel at first, but in the sequel, he Took A Level In Badass as he got manlier appearence, becoming more clever and for having a freaking dragon mode! The fact that his minions are actually efficient on rubbing banks and invading the RCNC in the sequel is also impressive compared to the prequel.
    • You know, Exateno deserves mentions too, does to the above.
  • That One Boss : In the Meta-Form 2: Kube's Revenge, Arcanos is disliked by some for his unfair boss arena advantage in his rematch. He constantly calls the enemies for support, his Special Ammo is unlimited, and worse of all, he will constantly toying you by spamming his projectiles and fleeing you. Even Meta-Ette lampshaded that he was not even fighting fair.
    • King Kube KiloBot sure lives with being the King of Bad Bots. In the first game, you have to break his armor first to deliver damage while avoiding his crazy arsenals, and the rerelease add another difficult phase to make origin of his manlier posture, which thankfully once you reached it, you don't have to start over the whole battle when you die. In the sequel, he's only warming up in the first World, and as of the second world, he becomes a Puzzle Boss with his Skilletons where you need to make interaction with the environnement or backfire his attacks in order to damage him. Let's not get started with his dragon form!
    • Doppelight can be a real challenge too. In Stelog's Betrayal, he will change his form to match yours which means you have to use your wits to take on him, and he is aware what you would do, too. The sequel isn't better, as he becomes a sentient Humongous Mecha and you need to take of the armor of his chest in order to attack his core...while being careful not being stepped on or being blasted by one of his attacks.
    • In Kirby & Magolor: Huge Trouble, Gourmet Dragon is considered as a Wake-Up Call Boss. While he is not that difficult to defeat, he is more aggressive than the two previous Giant Bosses, and the area where you face him is more varied which needs more maneuvers. This is when using a Super Ability, the Hypernova, the Robobot Armor or the Giant Size becomes that recommended against Giant Bosses.
    • Adeleine is back, but this time Exateno had made her naughtier than when she was possessed by a Dark Matter in Kirby 64: The Crystal Shards does to her paint creations are actually a fusion of existings bosses, which combines their attacks and strategies. Her 3D Monster (a giant mix of Kracko, Kabula, Ice Dragon and Dyna Blade) is also brutal, as you have to react quickly as it will attack frequently in the first minuted.
    • Shall we mention Exateno? His first and second battle are not actually hard in the first place, but once he grews giant, watch out. He plays Kirby's own game by using Inhale, and then after eating enough unlucky enemies, he gain a random Copy Ability to do a dangerous attack. In fact, he got the second highest attacking arsenal of all bosses of this game, and none of them are weak.
    • While Magolor Soul is actually easier to fight does to the player's ability to dodge and going around on 3D arena to avoid most of his attacks, Drawcia Soul, Marx Soul and Sectonia Soul are actually gigantic this time, and the latter two have some new arsenals. This could really give you nightmares after you heard Marx Soul's less louder but excruciatingly demonic scream...
      • Oh, and Exateno Soul does definitively proves that Exateno is indeed godlike. He is as big as Giant Exateno, and he will constantly mess up with the stage, forcing the player to quit camping and only attack when it is safe to do. Being accompanied with one of the three Giant Souls does not help either, and at his second and final phrase, you have to fly through space with the Giant Starship, and while actually much less difficult than his first one, he will heal himself if you keep flying away from him. Talk about a true brute!
    • In Super Mario Team-Mania, Dark Kamek is infernal for those who don't use Solo Power and Team Techniques. He becomes invisible for a good while until he hits you and vice versa, and he will summons Boos to mess with you. His rematch with Water Ludwig is not a cakewalk, either.
    • The first battle with Slanito, heck! He is a real Genre Savvy villain, as he always brings a Spiny Helmet, which if you try to stomp him, you will hurt yourself, and if you try to get near him, he will attempt to throw a Poison Mushroom at you. The best way to defeat him is to use a Koopa Shell from a defeated Koopa, or any other throwing item. When he becomes huge, he becomes actually faster and you probably need your important Team Techniques to dodges his dreaded attacks.
    • You will be in a great shock that Morton, unlike in Super Mario Madness where he is the first Koopaling Door Boss, he is surprisingly difficult to fight with, and he is the Major Boss of the first Land! As Nature Morton, he will use a tree truck as a weapon which requires a well-timed jump or duck to dodge, and he can only be damaged when he get tired. This game is really aimed for more advanced players, so you can consider him as a real Wake-Up Call Boss, and he is not even kidding about "messing you up for real this time"!
    • And Fiery Larry followed him, and boy what a cheatsy Koopaling! He is constantly on fire, so approaching him is so use, and only projectiles could damage him. He can be temporary vulnerable with enough hits from Iceballs, but this caused him to spin his shell in a frantic way afterward. And this is all taking place to another easy land!
    • In other words, all Main Seven Koopalings are this. Each of them have their own strategy to defeat you, and you need to think strategically to defeat them. Special mention goes to Icy Iggy, who is the fastest of the Koopalings thanks to his natural speed and his sliding ability does to the frozen floor ("Look at me sliding, or else you will regret it! He he he ha ha!"), giving you a disavantage as you slips through the stage without good dexterity. And shall his ice attack hit you, will not get hurt, but freezes instead and he will rush right to you, which means you have to thaw off quickly before he gets you. What a demented Koopaling! Slanito must be as crazy as him to give the Power Mushrooms and train them as heck!
  • The Scrappy : Downplayed with Arcanos. While his physique is very intimidating and is looking badass, his unfair rematch, emotionless and brutal betrayal with KiloBot (which thankfully got the last laugh in the end of the battle), this is rather a letdown. Many wished that he should be more developped and a more reasonable boss battle like his first one.
    • If there is someone that fans do genuinely hates, this will be Denity. He is loudmouthed, annoying and, in the cutscenes, hinderful to the others. His stupidity is actually deliberated and have wills to annoy the others just to laugh at them. Even Cubey couldn't stand of him!
    • Banos, an alien boss who is responsible for mistreating robots in a brutal way, is also not well welcomed by fans. The fact he constantly trash-talking at anyone, even during boss battles, doesn't really help. Good thing that he is a big pushover, and even Kube refuses to let him work for the Bad Bots because of the alien's dismissive manners.

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