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Gear Games, formerly known as Futurastic Games inc, is one of Nintendo's second-party company, founded by Samtendo09. It is best known for the Meta-Form franchise, and for being the main developper of the home console, the Nintendo Evo-Gem

Gear Games
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Type of Company Games Company
Founder(s) Samtendo09
Founded at/in April 28th 2011
Defunct at/in N/A
Area(s) Served Many as possible
Owner(s) Samtendo09
No. of Employee(s) 200 employees
Predecessor N/A
Successor N/A
Parent Company N/A
Subsidiaries N/A


  • Samtendo09 (President/Founder)
  • Golem Guy (Neo) (Co-Developer)

Artists Wanted!

Gaming Products


Console Name Informations Release Date
Nintendo Evo-Gem Gear Games' first hybrid console, focusing on gaming aspect more than the NX and Wii U while still giving other services. It is revealed that it is way more powerful than the NX, the PS4 and the Xbox One but still inferior to recent PCs from 2020, and have a smaller GamePad than the Wii U's. 2022

Game List

(All games after Meta-Form: Common Force will be only available for the Evo-Gem.)


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