Gear is a default character in Fantendo Smash Bros. Trace. He looks like a walking, talking Gear with gears for arms and feet.


  • B Special
    • Gear Throw (Gear throws a gear onto the ground and it bounces)
  • Side B
    • Gear Shield (Gear creates a wall of gears in the direction you pressed. It collapses a second later or when you make a new one)
  • Up B
    • Gear Surf (Gear puts his gear under him and surfs on the wave upward)
  • Down B
    • Gear Magnet (Gear throws gears around himself. Anyone they touch is brought toward Gear)
  • Final Smash
    • Locked! (Big, locked gear cages appear around everyone else for 10 seconds so Gear can beat them up. They are also slowly being hurt, and the cages explode when ten seconds are up.)

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